Aperture Room Wedding

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Oh the Aperture Room wedding! With its ultra chic and industrial interior finishes, Aperture Room provides a unique blend of heritage and contemporary aesthetics for the edgy yet sophisticated couple. Located on the third floor of the historic Thornton- Smith building, the Aperture Room provides a bright and loft-like event space featuring exposed brick walls, black window trims, restored solid wood floors and large skylights. It even has chalkboard graffiti wall that you can customize for your special day and a custom designed bar that guests and enjoy at cocktail hour and well into the wedding reception.

Because Aperture Room is a blank canvas, you can really customize the venue to your liking. Whether you’re into classic and timeless aesthetic or urban and modern,wedding photos taken at this venue will always be dynamic, charismatic and filled with gorgeous golden light.

Top 5 Reasons We Love Us Some Aperture Room Wedding
The skylights!
Photogenic brick and beams
Industrial chic
Urban vibe
Raw textures

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