Christmas Decoration Ideas & MANGO Celebration Dinner

Stumped on some last minute Christmas decoration ideas? This holiday I decided to throw an intimate Christmas dinner for our whole team and decorate it with lots of metallic, vibrant reds and holiday greens. Pair that with Christmas ornaments with handwritten names as place settings and you get a true Holiday feast! Black and gold cutlery that we picked up in Portugal tones down the reds and gives the whole decor a chic touch.

I was thinking about celebrations the other day, and it’s too bad we don’t plan them more often. The wedding industry is constantly busy and it’s important to celebrate every success. We just wrapped up a wonderful year full of beautiful weddings, happy couples and sweet memories. I wanted to not only celebrate those but also say thank you to the team for all their hard work and reflect on all the reasons why MANGO started in the first place.

Typically, throwing dinners stresses me out, but this time with the help of Renata from MasterChef Canada it was a complete breeze! She is a real magician when it comes to putting together the nicest table settings (Check out her event planning and decor tips here!). All the Holiday flowers and evergreens came from MasterChef Canadas, and boy did they look good! Mary Lorraine Berg, who won MasterChef Canada this year, personally joined the party at our place and prepared a modern take on a classic, five course gourmet dinner for all!

I’ll let you take a look at the photos – in true Mango fashion, our team was there to document the event with our photojournalistic flare. As we get together with family over the holidays, let’s all think about making 2017 one of inclusiveness and brotherhood. To our Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu brothers and sisters we wish everyone a Happy Holiday. With love – The MANGO’s.