Melissa & Georgos

I have endless praise for Mango Studios. Choosing them as our photographer for our wedding day was one of the easiest decisions we had to make. I had been following their work on social media for quite some time and knew without a doubt that they would be able to capture and reflect our personalities and all the small moments of the day. Their level of professionalism and organization was apparent from the very first meeting. We had the opportunity to work with our photographer for our engagement shoot which was the perfect way to familiarize yourself and get comfortable in front of the camera. The first time I looked at the photos after the wedding I was speechless. I have looked at the pictures 100 times over captivated by how beautiful they are. Mango’s photography tells a story. We were laughing, crying, remembering and sharing stories with each other just like it was yesterday. The photography is the only way to really see your wedding. It has to be perfect and really, Mango is perfect. They created an online gallery for my family and friends to view and they all unanimously agree that it is the best wedding photography they have ever seen. If there is a best in the world. Mango is it. Nothing compares. I can’t thank them enough.