Top 5 Photo Traditions to Embrace This Holiday SeasonTop holiday family gift ideas and photo tips inside!

The meaning of the Holiday season is different for everyone, but most often it’s all about family, togetherness and the traditions that are in the core of our relationships.

As a photographer, I don’t create personal work often. However, when I do, I noticed that it’s all about the people and the experiences that are dear to me. Whether it’s documenting the time our family spent at the Prince Edward County or candid family portraits I took when we all got together for Thanksgiving, these photos remind me of something very important. They tell me that I’m loved and that I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people in my life.

That is why I always try to print all the photos that I took throughout the year. It became a sort of a tradition in our household! I thought it would be fun to share some of them with you as we are heading towards the Holidays.

Here are some of our favourite photo traditions to embrace as your own this season, and potentially to bring into the years to come!

Tradition #1: Share your photographed stories in person.

Nothing spurs a story like a photo, and it’s those stories and little anecdotes that bring those pictures to life! We met up with Evelyn and Chester whose wedding we photographed back in 2013 (and who since then became our good friends!) and showed their little daughter, Amelia, her parents’ wedding photos that we took back in the day. Her reaction was priceless!

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Tradition #2: Create a parents album

A lot of you got married this year (and you know who I’m talking about!) and joined the ranks of the MANGO family. Whoohoo! Make permanence of this joyful and magical occasion by printing a parents’ album to surprise your folks on Family Day. The day you got married is one of the best days in your parents’ lives, and I cannot imagine anything cuter than gifting your parents with a parents’ version of your wedding album. Inquire about creating a beautiful photo album with us HERE.

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Tradition #3: Take a family photo/ (with you in it!)

It’s all too easy to take dozens of iPhone photos of your holiday brunch or the fantastic Christmas tree at the Distillery District, and quickly forget to gather the WHOLE family around for that one photo you’ll want to hang on the wall. This season, don’t forget to capture those meaningful family moments by hiring a professional photographer (did we mention we LOVE to take family photos?) – and give yourself a frame of happy smiles to look back on each year.  You book your family photo session:

Book a family photoshoot HERE

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Tradition #4: Print a resin piece

After an entire year of snapping and saving, there’s nothing wiser (and more worthwhile) than turning your photos into epic works of art. It could be your best family portrait or a stunning landscape picture from your wedding day. Once printed, your memory will take on a life of its own and will get preserved in the most beautiful way possible. Our team will be happy to make a mockup of your custom resin piece so you could visualise it with your interior decor.

Psst, you can purchase a MANGO gift card to use towards a gorgeous resin piece and surprise your loved ones on the Christmas morning! Contact us HERE to get your gift card in time for the holidays!

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Tradition #5: Set your photo goals for the next year!

Whether it’s a promise to take more family photos or printing pictures from your travels, staying committed to photography can transform your year! Setting your photo goals for the next year will help you keep your eyes open to what’s around you and gives you a perfect outlet to tell your year’s story in pictures. By this time next year, you’ll have many more amazing photos that capture the big, the little, and the in-between. The most rewarding part? Bringing them to print because nothing beats holding those memories in your hands.