7 Tips For Nailing Your Engagement PicturesFollow these easy breezy steps for better engagement photos

Engagement pictures season is nearly upon us! Whether you just got engaged over the holidays or you’re in the middle of your sweet engagement period, congrats! This is such an exciting time of your life. You might have already booked your wedding photographer (us!) and you’re now wondering what you should do for your engagement pictures. Keep in mind your engagement session is so much more than just an added bonus to your wedding package. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know your photographer, learn your best angles and spend a rad time with your fiance to create awesome pictures for your future photo books. I do understand if you might feel nervous about being in front of a camera, let’s face it we all feel a bit awkward about having our pictures taken. What should you wear? Where should you go? These are one of the most frequently asked questions I hear when it comes to engagement photo shoots. But not to worry! I’ve compiled a few tips that I’ve learned over the years for nailing your engagement pictures.

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From choosing the best outfit to the best time to shoot, keep these 7 tips in mind for your upcoming engagement shoot:

1. Set the Scene for your Engagement Photos

Location, location, location. Before you go to your neighborhood park for your engagement pictures, consider what really inspires the two of you and look for a place that reflects that. If you’re into camping, you could drive up north for some awesome hiking pics. If exploring new trendy restaurants in town is more your thing, you could book a table for two at a newly opened bar and have me take sweet, candid photos in that space.

The key here is to set the scene for your engagement photos. I really loved how Francesca and Francesco (yes, these are their real names!) opted for a mini road trip for their engagement shoot. They are both avid travelers and love spending their time exploring what beautiful Ontario has to offer. So, embarking on a road trip to an apple orchard was a no-brainer! Don’t be afraid to go on a canoe trip at the nearby adventure center or bring your furry friends along to your favorite coffee shop. Once you find yourself at a place that truly inspires you, you will see that taking pictures is not as scary as it might seem!

2. Wear Something you’re Comfortable In

It’s true that what you wear has great influence on your mood, and in the way you walk and feel. While it’s only natural for you to want to look fantastic in photos, wearing something you’re actually comfortable is key. The last thing you want to worry about is trying to cover up your clothes or adjusting them if they are too tight or too clingy. Choose something that makes you feel like a million bucks! Try on your new dress and make sure it’s comfortable to walk in your new shoes. If you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, it will certainly come across in photos!

3. Select Complimentary Outfits 

Speaking of outfits! It’s always a nice touch if your engagement session outfits complement each other, whether it’s texture, color palette or pattern. When it comes to coordinating your wardrobe, keep the end result in mind. Do you want your photos to feel bright, airy and dreamy? Opting for a long silky gown for her and a nice pair of dress pants and a dress shirt for him is a great choice. Complement each other outfits in a way that will say something about you as a couple. While your choice of wardrobe is going to look amazing on its own, they should look equally good when put together side by side. Notice how Francesco’s outfit changed when Francesca switched to a silky top and jeans. I loved how he kept his textured cardigan giving their photos more layers and visual interest.

4. Come Up with an Activity

It’s easier to forget that there’s a camera around when you have something to do. Go for a walk around the neighborhood, play your favorite table games, prepare breakfast or even go apple picking! I love it when engagement photos are full of natural movement, spontaneous laughter, and genuine emotions. Nothing makes it easier to achieve that kind of candidness when you come up with some sort of activity! It also helps to bring out the best in you: your sincere laughter, loving gazes, and playfulness, everything you do that shows off the connection between the two of you.

5. Bring a Prop to Change Things Up

Francesca and Francesco brought their family vintage Ford and I absolutely love it. It played well with the overall theme of a mini road trip and looks amazing against the green trees. Whether it’s a picnic basket or a cozy blanket, bringing props along to your engagement shoot instantly adds an element of storytelling to your photos. Consider including props that complement your shoot’s color scheme. For example, Francesca and Francesco’s teal Ford looks super organic with their casual blue jeans. I especially love how the car’s small red logo sign echoed Francesca’s burgundy shoes!

6. When in Doubt, Kiss!

Where do we put our hands? Which way do we look? These are some of the most frequently asked questions I hear during the engagement shoot. My tried and true tip to help you loosen up in front of the camera is to go in for a kiss! It’s a great way to help you connect with your partner and bring your focus back to each other. After all, this is what your engagement photos are all about, right?

7. Make a Date Out of it

One of the greatest tips is to make your engagement shoot part of your day-long date. Take a day off of work if you’re shooting a weekday and enjoy your time together while getting ready for the shoot. Starting the day off with this mindset helps you to feel romantic when you head into the photo shoot. Plus, you’re already dressed to the nines and look your best – why not finish the day with a delicious meal at a restaurant after the shoot? Sounds like a million dollar idea to me!