Beamor Falls Manor Wedding

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A Beamer Falls Manor wedding is one of our top favourite weddings! Known as Niagara’s ‘hidden gem’ for its rustic charm, Beamor Falls Manor has timeless elegance and inherent sense of intimacy. This beautiful brick Victorian style farmhouse was built in the 1860s and just recently has been lovingly restored leaving its rustic and colourful character intact.

Surrounding the Manor is the thriving Beamer Falls and acres of peaceful meadows, vineyards, pear and apple orchards creating no shortage of picturesque backdrops to photograph the bride and groom. Typically the Beamor Falls Manor wedding ceremony is held outdoors right by the manor nestled in an area shaded by the canopies of tall mature trees, a flowing white cloth altar hung strung from tree branches hangs behind the couple in a most whimsical fashion. The dappling light beneath the canopy of these trees and general atmosphere make for the most delightful and charming wedding photographs. There’s so much to love about a Beamor Falls Manor wedding, and the venue is so photogenic with its layers of texture and history. From the beautifully furnished guest suites for the bride and groom to get ready into that magnificent patio with it’s white fence and blue floors, to the Great Hall where a cozy reception is held, this wedding venue photos will feature lots of exposed brick and plenty of rustic wood beams.

Top 5 Reasons We Love Us Some Beamor Falls Manor Wedding
Rustic charm
Intimate and cozy
Abundance of natural beauty
A venue full of history
Relaxed atmosphere

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