Wedding Photographers

Mango Studios is a full-service studio of talented Toronto Wedding Photographers and Designers. We pride ourselves on the dedication to produce high caliber work while keeping our client experience stress-free and relaxed. Each wedding photographer is supported by a diligent, full-time team dedicated to client services, here to support your every need. Our unique approach is based on impeccable service and attention to detail. We will pair you up with the best wedding photographer in our studio who will create impeccable wedding photos.


We have found that working with your Mango Event Coordinator is the BEST way to choose the RIGHT wedding photographer for your wedding day. This way you’re making an informed and unbiased decision as opposed to meeting a single wedding photographer.

We love getting to know you, your personality and your vision for your big day.

We love getting to know you, your personality and your vision for your big day. Once we get to know you better, our seasoned event coordinators will match you up with a wedding photographer they believe is the perfect fit for you. Each wedding photographer has their own unique personality, but we all share the same vision. All of our photographers are meticulously trained and hand picked to have that Mango Touch! Often the pairing is based on a personality fit.

When you hire MANGO, you’re guaranteed the very best wedding photographer in the business. This approach has worked for us for the last 12 years and we pride ourselves in the highest customer satisfaction. We’re ranked as the top photography studio because of our tireless pursuit of the highest quality photography. We achieve this through the magic of teamwork!

Contact us today to get exclusive bios of each of our wedding photographers. In the meantime, you can also find some of our photographers featured on the blog to get to know them better here.