Enjoying the last bit of summer with this Family Photo SessionGet inspired by this cute Family Session

It’s that time of the year again when kids all get ready to go back to school.  And we are busier than ever photographing families around the city.  Perhaps it’s the cooler air, or the fact that parents want to celebrate these last few warmer days before falls hits.  Taking family photos has always been one of my favourite things to shoot, particularly in our great city! The artistic playing field in Toronto is formidable, to say the least. This city’s one of the biggest cultural centres not just in Canada but in the world. That’s great news for you if you are scouting potential Toronto family photo shoot locations.  One of our faves is Scarborough bluffs.  Check out this adorable Family photo shoot below.

Great family portraits never go out of style. The hairstyles or fashions from your old family photos may be dated, or one of your family photoshoots may have produced some hilariously awkward results, but the idea of taking family portraits has remained a beloved pastime since the dawn of photography. People always want to preserve memories of their loved ones and we love creating them 🙂

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