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Will You Say “I Do” to a First Look?The pros and cons of a modern-day twist on tradition!

Couple reads vows to each other before First Look

With its increasing popularity, you’d have no idea that the First Look is a newer wedding tradition! Some of us still love the glee and surprise of the couple seeing each other when walking down the aisle and that’s fine! But having a First Look definitely can bring some ease, structure, and intimacy to your day. No wonder more and more people are hopping on the tradition and opting in. Of course, the important question is will a First Look be the best choice for your wedding day? We’ve done the dirty work for you and laid out the pros.

Bride and Groom see each other for their First Look

First look wedding pictures


This is a tricky one! Your wedding is an emotional day to begin with, but think about seeing your partner all dressed up and ready to marry you. Waterworks are sure to ensue.

This is one of the main reasons couples are choosing to do a First Look. Anxiety and nervousness are a normal part of a wedding day. At its core, the First Look is an attempt to take a little bit of that away. You’ll see your partner all jazzed up before the ceremony. Then during the ceremony, the goal is that you’ll already be prepared to see them. Problem solved!

On the other hand, some people love the surprise factor! If you want that big rush of emotions when you walk down the aisle to see your boo, a First Look might not be your thing.

If you’re anything like me, you may cry either way. You and your partner know yourselves and your emotions best. Choose to have a First Look or not based on that!

First look wedding pictures

Let’s Get Intimate

A First Look is a great way to add a moment of intimacy to a bustling wedding day. If you’re having a lot of guests, you’re bound to be around a lot of people from the beginning to end. In steps the First Look. The First Look usually takes place in a secluded area and is a sweet moment between just you and your future spouse (plus a photographer!). A First Look allows you to step away from the crowd and have a peaceful moment together.

A cute add on you can do is exchange personal vows or gifts with your beloved! A First Look can be totally personalized to what you want. The options for your intimate moment together are endless!

First look wedding pictures

Timing is Everything

Wedding days are a flurry of activity. Once you wake up it’s 0 to 100 real quick. And if you’re like us, everything will be scheduled down to the minute. A First Look can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and a half. Ask yourself these questions before scheduling in a First Look:

  • Where will we do it?
  • How will we get there and back?
  • How long will it take to get to and from the location?
  • If outdoors, where will we do it if it rains?
  • Are we taking photographs of the First Look?
  • Will the First Look turn into couple portraits?

All of your answers impact how long your First Look will take. If you’re on a time crunch, it might not be the most realistic decision for your day. If it’s important to you, you can definitely make room for it in your schedule. If you’re thinking about a First Look, MANGO can help you decide all the timing elements. Then we’ll help work it into your wedding day photography schedule!

First Looks can add to the amount of time you’ll need your wedding photographer on your day. If you’re budgeting time and money for your wedding photography, keep this in mind.

First look wedding pictures

Pics or it Didn’t Happen

The number one reason to have a first look! We may be a little biased, but we know what we’re talking about. As mentioned above, a First Look is the perfect time to get your couple portraits in. Planning on crying your makeup off at your ceremony? Get your closeups done at your First Look before the major waterworks happen! Having a First Look just gives you one more opportunity to get swoon-worthy pictures with your boo. If you weren’t planning on having your photographer present at your First Look, we highly recommend! No parts of your day should go un-photographed.

I can easily say that First Look pictures are some of my absolute favourites in a wedding gallery. There’s something super special about the bursting intimacy and passion of a First Look. It’s also super awesome to get the looks on your faces captured within the same picture.

All in all, the First Look is a feasible option for most weddings. Based on your tastes, time, and emotions, you can make your day exactly the way you want it to be. Whether or not that includes a First Look is totally up to you. We can’t wait to help you capture every moment!