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The Mango Story. (It’s a love story, really.) So once upon a time in the far away land of Toronto, the dashing young Mo meets the most charming little lady named Nancy. And guess what? They have been inseparable ever since. But wait, it gets better! Instead of holding hands and walking into the sunset together (so last century), they decide to do it better: Nancy becomes Mo’s Partner in Crime, his Side Kick, his Confidante, and if you ask him he will tell you: “his very best friend in the whole wide world”. (Awww.) But Nancy also happens to be an incredibly talented Visual Artist and Award Winning Photographer with a Visual Arts Degree. And Mo’s not too shabby an Artist himself. It’s better than a (heart) story: it’s an Art (Heart) story! Mo graduates with a business degree and together they decide to conquer the world. But first, they need a name. So one day while the future Mamma + Poppa Mango are mucking about with ideas they write down the letters of their own name and…..... Mo And Nancy GOvindji… do you see it? Magic. But Mo and Nancy have a lot of love to give in this world and so they decide to expand the Mango Family All over North America, with offices in Toronto and Miami. With their four feet and one heartbeat, the two set out to find and foster some of the very BEST talent in all of the lands. And the Mango family lives happily every after; just a few passionate artists who photograph really wonderful people, moments, love, laughter and everything that happens in between. Now meet the team of Artists, Designers, and Photographers. Some of us are based in Toronto, Canada, and some in Miami, South Florida, and Los Angeles, California! Read More

Mango Studios is a wedding photography studio located in downtown Toronto and South Florida , Miami available internationally.   We’re a tight knit team of award winning artists living the dream. We have over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry and we are proud to say that we offer the very best Toronto and Miami wedding photography services. Voted as one of the top destination wedding photographers and best Toronto and Miami wedding photographer (according to Toronto Life Magazine, Wedluxe Magazine, Wedding Bells Magazine, the Wedding Wire and many other sources), we utilize the absolute best professional high-end digital equipment with backup to capture that special event in any place and any condition. We have traveled world-wide to photograph weddings, events, engagement sessions, children’s photography and more. At Mango Studios we've photographed hundreds of high-end weddings all over the world including Singapore, England, Greece, Thailand, Kenya, the Caribbean and many more exotic locations. Take a look around and see what we're up to!

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Photographer / Director of Operations

Background: HBA in Art History and English Lit from University of Toronto
Photography Diploma from Humber College

I love… Coffee. Tea. Gin. Wool. Little Wolves. Delicate, Little Shirts. Gardens and Growing. Summertime. Shine A Light. Klimt. Elizabeth Taylor. Swimming Pools. Sleep. Meat Chips. And cheese. All the cheese actually. Even Roquefort and that’s banned in some countries.



Photographer / Creative Director

I love … my wife Sharon, my little boy Nolan, great music, even better design, coffee (preferably from Dark Horse), fancy electronic things, greasy hamburgers (my secret shame), and anything in black and white. If eating donuts is a sport, I win.




Background: BFA in Visual Arts from York University

I love… my husband, my plants, all things pretty, three-day weekends, high-heels,
travelling, sushi, wine, long walks on the beach… wait, what?



Photographer / Designer

Background: BDes in Graphic Design from OCAD University

I love… trips & adventures. my dog Louis. good food, music & company. shoes. men’s wear. knowing things. black jeans & t-shirt. blazers & oxfords. outdoors. hot summer days. healthy food. chips & cookies.



Photographer / Designer

Background: Diploma in Digital Photography from Seneca

I love… travelling to new places. My family and friends. Fall and how the leaves rustle under my boots. Cozy winter evenings. Big dogs. Good food. Genuine people. Late brunches. Cherries and all kinds of desserts.




Background: BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design

I love…burritos. watching HGTV home design shows. long beach days. mojitos. Plants.
If I could, my apartment would look like a botanical garden. exploring. breakfast foods. and chai tea.




Background: BFA in Photography from OCAD University

I love… donuts, my cat Sheldon, the beach, travelling, Netflix, home made meals, trying to keep my houseplants alive, warm laundry fresh from the dryer




Background: Photography Diploma from Humber College

I love.. the little things in life. Coffee anytime – anywhere, strangers that smile, travel, experiencing different cultures, trying new food, time period and foreign films.




Background: BFA in Photography from Ryerson University

I love…exploring nature, collecting old photographs, warm days and cold cider, dogs, anything breakfast related…especially coffee and spending time in Kensington Market.


I know I have said this to you numerous times, but words cannot express to you how unbelievably obsessed we are with our wedding photos!  We are both so grateful that we were able to have such amazing talent at our wedding.  Not only do we love our photos but we love you guys!  Mango you were so sweet and funny to work with, You made us feel so comfortable and relaxed during such a hectic day,  I really cannot thank you enough.  Love always Sabrina and Paolo Lopes

-- Sabrina & Paolo Lopes

The Mango Studios Team, Thank you for your creativity and beautiful work!  You truly captured every aspect of our wedding day.  Each time we look at our photographs we are taken back to our special day!

-- Christina & Giovanni Pagluica

To the Mango Team, we can’t thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to work with such wonderful photographers.  You managed to capture every magical moment during the day.  Thank you for creating these images we will cherish forever.

-- Andrea & Michael Cohen

We just spent the evening looking (gazing, really) at our photos and we honestly could not be happier with the way they turned out. You both did an absolutely unbelievable job and you were so much fun to work with. You captured the feeling, details, and moments of our day so beautifully and creatively. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for enabling us to relive our day exactly the way it felt. We will treasure your wonderful work in all the years to come.

-- Lauren & Dan Bennett


We're always on the hunt for passionate, visual storytellers, and if this sounds like you - get in touch with us!


Current available positions:

Sr. UI/UX Designer in Toronto Area - apply now

Photographer and Graphic Designer in Miami and Toronto Area