Romantic Candlelit Wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach

Step into the spotlight once again as we celebrate a cherished wedding captured with honour! Come along as we immerse ourselves in the enchanting tale of Kelsey and Afshin’s Romantic Candlelit Wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach – an extraordinary affair. Certainly, we’re excited to unveil the magic of their unforgettable day in our newest blog post

A Picturesque Venue

The Breakers Palm Beach in Miami served as the picturesque backdrop for Kelsey and Afshin’s dream wedding. Consequently, from the captivating ambiance to the breathtaking views, their special day was nothing short of magical.


Pre-Wedding Bliss

Before the ceremony, Kelsey and Afshin indulged in a pre-wedding creative session beneath the radiant Miami sky. Meanwhile, amidst palm trees and the soothing beach vista, their love story unfolded beautifully, setting the tone for the festivities ahead.


Exchanging Vows

The following day, amidst the elegance of a stunningly adorned room, Kelsey and Afshin exchanged heartfelt vows.  Moreover, the architecture complemented by cascading white flowers and lush greenery arch formed a picturesque setting for their union.


The Reception Affair

The grand ballroom at The Breakers Palm Beach served as the ideal setting for the couple’s reception. Moreover, adorned with exquisite candles and vibrant floral arrangements, the ambiance exuded a mesmerizing blend of romance and allure.


Dancing Into the Night

As the evening progressed, the reception transformed into a lively celebration, filled with joyous laughter and heartfelt moments. On the other hand, the night was adorned with plenty of dancing, marking the beginning of Kelsey and Afshin’s journey as a married couple.

   .   .   


In short, Kelsey and Afshin’s Romantic Candlelit Wedding at The Breakers Palm Beach was a testament to love, beauty, and celebration. Most importantly, with each moment carefully curated, their special day will forever be cherished as a timeless memory of love and happiness.