4 Tips to Take Awesome Beach Engagement PhotosLearn how to make your beach engagement better than ever

Fun beach engagement photos in Toronto
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Beach engagement photos are fun, romantic and playful. What’s not to love? Along with being your go-to spot during hot summer days, the beach is also an ultimate engagement photo location. It’s beautiful any time of the year and looks great in any season (Winter beach engagement photos, anyone?). From dipping your toes in the water to having a glamorous picnic, the gorgeous photo opportunities are endless. Here are the top 4 tips on bringing your beach engagement photos to the next level:

1. Decide on a vibe

Do you want your beach engagement photos to look adventurous and fun? Or maybe a calm, romantic picnic session by the sea is more your thing? Choose a loose theme that strikes a chord with you and coordinate your outfits and props accordingly. It is very helpful to have a single vibe for your beach engagement photos in mind so you can stay on track. I approach each engagement session pretty much the same way one would take on a fashion shoot. I start with a concept and once we have our general theme confirmed, I ask to keep it in mind when sourcing outfits, accessories, props, and locations. Having a general idea of your shoot style and vibe will also help you come up with some ideas for posing!

2. Dress for success

Are you going for something dreamy and romantic? Sandy beach and gentle waves could add tons of romance into your photos. If you’re aiming for bright and airy beach engagement photos, consider choosing a lighter, dressier outfit. For example, wearing a flowy dress of a beautiful pastel color can turn your beach engagement photos into a true fairytale. It is important that your partner also matches the theme of the shoot and that his/her wardrobe reflects the mood you’re going for. I love how Celina and John opted for a relaxed, romantic look in the photos above. Celina wore a white floral dress that looked soft and beautiful against the blue water, while John echoed the look perfectly by wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

Are you into more casual and playful look? Beach engagement photos can turn into a real adventure if you decide to wear something carefree and informal! No matter what you decide to wear, I always recommend coordinating your outfits so that they have some common elements. It could be an overall style, common color palette or texture. It will help to keep your look cohesive which will ultimately result in awe-inspiring beach engagement photos.

3. Bring props!

Throw in a cute beach blanket or a pair of colorful sunglasses to make the setting more visually interesting. I love it when a photo shoot tells a story and props are always welcome. Celina and John brought a navy and white beach blanket to their shoot and it created a super cozy and chill atmosphere. It also allowed me to step back and take some wide shots of them laying down that look intimate and cozy at the same time. My piece of advice! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and create the story you have in mind. One rule of thumb, make sure the props are timeless. That will keep the photographs from looking dated in the future.

That is all! I hope you find this blog post useful and it helps you to plan your beach engagement sessions better. Thank you, Celina and John, for hanging out with me on a windy beach! You’re amazing and I can’t wait for your upcoming wedding in 2018!