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A Magical Arcadian Court Wedding Filled With Love and SnowflakesTake a peek inside this snowy wedding in Toronto

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Arcadian Court wedding photos in Toronto
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Arcadian Court wedding reception photos

There is nothing more magical than a snowy, winter wedding, and this romantic Arcadian Court wedding is no exception.

It’s true that there’s magic at every wedding. However, something special happens when you mix the magic of love with the magic of the Holiday season that creates a truly amazing atmosphere.

When it came to Kate and Michael’s Arcadian Court wedding, I was excited from day one. They are just such genuinely nice and easy going people!

Michael looked dapper on his wedding day, wearing a lovely suit and a boutonniere made from white flowers and green sprigs. Kate wore an absolutely stunning short sleeved, backless dress with a picture-perfect slit up her side. When we went to the Osgoode Hall to take some snowy wedding photos, she also threw on a very chic fur cape.

We decided to stay at the Osgoode Hall and The Nathan Philips Square for their wedding pictures, as these two locations are not too far from the Arcadian Court, their wedding reception venue. From the snow-covered cobblestone to their happy smiles and loving gazes, I loved every second of the shoot. As I took Kate and Michael’s first portraits as husband and wife, gentle snowflakes started falling all around them. It couldn’t have been any better even if we’ve planned it!

As we moved on to the Nathan Philips Square, it started snowing even more, and I loved how it added a welcome touch of romance to their wedding photos. Lots of people were out and about, full of positivity and Holiday cheer, skating on the rink. We decided to shoot next to the giant Christmas tree, which really, is the most amazing prop to have! The tree was decorated in red and silver which added a lovely little pop of color to the photos.

Finally, we headed to the Arcadian Court. In my favorite series of photos of the day, with the light at an insane shade of perfect, we shot Kate and Michael in front of the large, floor-to-ceiling window that looked out onto the snow-capped buildings across the street, and the chilly city below.

I really love shooting at the Arcadian Court, as it is the epitome of modernity and elegance. The picturesque arches all over the reception hall create a very open space with the art deco inspired chandeliers hung from the sky-high ceilings. The simple centerpieces of pale pink roses and white poppies mixed in with tall and short candles had the room dripping in the warm light. I can really just sum up the rest of the evening in one word: glow. The glow from Kate and Michael’s love for each other, the glow from their friends and family as they watched them cut into their cake and kiss, the glow from the candles that illuminated the room, adding to the romance. And the glow coming from me, because I was hit with a jolt of inspiration by these two at their amazing Arcadian Court wedding!

Kate and Michael, thank you so much for having us be a part of your special day. It was truly something special that I won’t ever forget!