Meet Stephanie, Our Amazing Editorial Wedding PhotographerAnd see why our couples love her so much!

Meet our Toronto editorial wedding photographer

It’s another Mango Monday, and I’m excited to introduce you to Stephanie, our super talented and very charming editorial wedding photographer! Stephanie is such a warm person who always puts a smile on your face. Her love for adventures, an open and optimistic outlook on life and the passion for fashion are contagious! She always goes above and beyond to make sure her couples are well taken care of, and our couples love her for always making them feel at ease in front of the camera.

A natural-born photographer, her work is always pretty and effortless. Her love for editorial wedding photography has allowed her to capture spectacular images for her couples, and her dream is to capture timeless works of art for you to enjoy for years to come. Check out her answers to some of the interview questions below!

Editorial wedding photographer in Toronto
Editorial wedding photographer in Toronto

What or who got you started in photography?

That would have to be my Mom. My mom has always emphasized the importance of creating. That is why I grew up loving Art. I remember her taking my sister and I to the local art galleries, and teaching us how to paint on canvas. My mom also taught me how to use a camera.

You see my mom was always taking pictures of our family! Whether it was pictures of us running around in the backyard or road trips we would go on in the summer, she was always capturing happy moments of our childhood. I loved going with her to get her film processed in the lab afterwards and seeing all the printed pictures she took. 

Creating was always something I felt was innate, and my mom fully supported the artist within me. It really feels like photography has always been my second nature, and something that brings me gratification, and I’d have to thank my super cool mom for that (Thanks mom!).

Editorial wedding photographer in Toronto
Hotel X wedding photographer Hotel X wedding photographer

What photographer/artist are you greatly influenced/inspired by in your work and why?

I think it’s tricky to pick just one photographer as I feel like so many photographers inspire me and my work.

For example, I am the biggest fan of classic humanist photographers. Edouard Boubat, Robert Doisneau and Willy Ronis to name a few. There is so much appeal to their raw and natural photographs that look so effortless. They had a rare talent to capture authentic moments so elegantly, and that is something I always strive for in my work.

I have also always been drawn to the work of Bruce Weber, Peter Lindbergh and Mario Testino. Once again, these are the photographers who are able to get polished, yet authentic photographs that tell something about their models. Mario Testino’s ongoing series with Kate Moss would have to be my all time favourites. 

Here’s a quote by Mario Testino that I always carry with me when creating my own work: “Photography is not about how many lights you have, it’s about spotting beauty, it’s about seeing that you don’t need anything because it’s about spotting what is right.” (Testino, The Talks)

Hotel X editorial wedding photographer Hotel X editorial wedding photographer
Hotel X editorial wedding photographer

As an editorial wedding photographer, what part of the wedding day are you most excited about?

It’s really hard to say because there are no two weddings alike. However, I always enjoy the getting ready portion of the day. It’s the first official look into how the day is going to unfold, and is so important.

Every detail chosen for the getting ready photos tells something about the couple. Their getting ready location, the bridal details, the people they want to have around for such an important part of the day. There are also so many emotions that I love to capture. From the bridesmaids reveal (when the bridesmaids see the bride in her wedding dress for the first time) to the proud look on the parents’ faces, to the happy tears, I’m really excited for those moments.

I am also a big fan of the bride and groom writing notes to each other before walking down the aisle. I think those words are so special. They allow you to reflect on your journey together and say how much your partner means to you. I love capturing their reactions while they are reading the cards – it’s priceless.

Hotel X wedding photos

What do you like about being a wedding photographer?

I have always been a people person. I love people, and ever since I can remember I have always wanted to help people in some way.

I think being a wedding photographer has really defined my purpose as a photographer and a person. Wedding photography is so much more than just “formal portraits”. It’s about capturing the essence of two people’s lives in one magical day. From the start of getting ready to the celebrations at the end of the day. I help two people to see things that I have documented, and it’s extremely rewarding when my couples get to keep and share the love from that day and relive their happiest moments through photographs.

I feel extremely lucky to do what I do and to work with all the amazing couples, and get to experience their story and love!

Do you have any pre-wedding day rituals?

I like getting up earlier than usual to make sure I’m prepared for the day. I like mapping out any final details so I am ready to take on the day!

Do you create personal work often?

I do. Personal work is a really great outlet and is so important for the creative mind. I have been working on some personal work that I haven’t shown yet but excited to show soon. Stay tuned!

Hotel X wedding photos in Toronto
Editorial wedding photographer in Toronto
Editorial wedding photographer in Toronto

What do you recommend for couples who are shy in front of the camera?

I like saying that those thoughts over a photoshoot are much more intimidating that it actually is!  

My piece of advice would be to just have fun with it. You are getting photos done with one of your best friends and it’s going to be a really fun experience!

What do you love in life, beyond the lens?

A few things I love: travelling, spending quality time with my family, going to a really good restaurant with good company, creating a really good outfit, drinking fancy coffees to accessorize with my cool outfits 😉 Learning something new, attending concerts, running with my dog and really anything that can make my soul happy.

What is something you can’t live without?

(1) My family. I have a cool family and we have a great relationship.

(2) Music. It’s inspires me and my work, and helps me stay productive when I’m editing wedding photos!

(3) My planner. Seriously, it’s a life changer. Especially during a busy wedding season. It keeps my life on schedule.

Hotel X wedding photos in Toronto
Hotel X wedding photography
Hotel X wedding photos

What is the cutest thing on planet earth?

My english bulldog Charlie when he wakes up from a little nap.

What do you love about being a part of MANGO?

I really love the atmosphere, the people and the overall style of MANGO. The atmosphere of the studio is refreshing, creative and welcoming. I really feel like I can get true opinions and thoughts from my co-workers. I also get to collaborate with some of the most talented photographers and creative minds in Toronto. MANGO is also super inspiring and innovative. Always striving for giving the best possible outcome to our clients and I am lucky to be a part of something that challenges me as a creator to be the best editorial wedding photographer I can.