Our New Diggs….

Finally….we’re almost there! It’s been a long process, but the new gallery is coming along really well! I’m just super stoked I got my shiny white floor 😉

We started the reno back in early December, and were almost all done. Just a final few minor things to go ,and some new work up on the walls and we’ll be all done.

I can’t wait for the gallery opening event … Keep an eye out for more details ..We’re aiming for early May.

In the meantime enjoy these teaser images of the new space.



  • ANDREAS said:

    I actually saw your place last weekend while driving down Richmond Street..it looks amazing! Well done Mo..love the white floors!

  • Jon Thorpe said:

    Good job on the new location Mo. It's tops!
    Let me know when I can swing by for the personal tour. We will also have to grab a drink sometime since we are neighbors :)