Two Nurses say “I do” to Small Micro Backyard wedding during Covid -19The Sweetest couple for the Sweetest Wedding

While some couples have delayed their weddings until 2021 Alana and Darren had different plans. They were scheduled to have a destination wedding in St.Lucia July 3rd, 2020 but a pandemic didn’t stop them from celebrating their love that day. This backyard micro wedding will melt your heart, because it certainly melted ours and we are so fortunate to have been there to photograph it.

We are all typically ini-dated with hosting the most epic weddings ever.  I  know I  certainly was during the planning process of my own wedding.  But, I  must say that this backyard small wedding really stripped everything down to the basics- AND it was EPIC.  The only people that could attend were the closest people to Alana and Darren and hearing their heart felt stories and laughter reminded me what this wedding business is really all about.

Alana and Darren are both nurses.  We all understand (especially during a time like this) how special nurses are.  Nurses are drawn to nursing because of their desire to to care, to serve and to help others.  Alana and Darren are full of love and support for each other and their close families and friends.  The outpouring of emotions from everyone on this day was incredibly uplifting and wonderful to be surrounded by and apart of.

Alana and Darren’s backyard wedding reminds us all what this is all about -This is the day where you get to tell everyone (all of your closest friends and family members) how much you love one another and can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives together. This is one of the best days of your life, and is worth treasuring.

Even if you don’t have a huge wedding, and you aren’t able to book your top wedding venue, or have all that fancy decor you’ve dreamt about, or 100’s of guests there,  none of that matters. What matters is being a part of the love and joy of this day.