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Top 5 Trendy Small Wedding Venues That Will Make You Reconsider a Big Wedding

Dining room in Planta Restaurant

In the past, small weddings were considered to be spontaneous, quick elopements in a chapel or your local city hall to save a dime or two. Today, small weddings are more common and are a great alternative to all the bells and whistles of a big, traditional wedding. They’ve become a very stylish, intimate celebration and do not involve competing for “The Most Extravagant Wedding of The Year” Award (unless, of course, that’s your thing!) If the mere thought of organizing a big party for 300 people or walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of eyes makes you shudder, then a hip, small wedding at a small, trendy place is right up your alley.

Small weddings are a chic, effortless way for couples to express themselves. They’re cheaper, intimate, less stressful and can take place almost anywhere thanks to a small guest count which lends itself to a unique, intimate, atmosphere that is not possible at a traditional location. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many beautiful, heartfelt small-scale weddings and I loved each and every single one of them! It’s often hard for me to decide whether I prefer smaller or bigger weddings because all of them are so special. However, the charm of a small, Kinfolk-style wedding will always hold a special place in my photography heart due to their originality and nonchalant vibe.

Planning a small wedding in Toronto? Here are my top 5 trendy, small wedding venues in the 6ix that will make you reconsider a big wedding:

1. Oretta:

Bride and groom celebrate after saying "I Do"Oretta is a beautiful restaurant in the middle of Toronto’s King West neighbourhood, with its high arches and Art Deco interior and furniture. Guests can mingle throughout the restaurant and enjoy the ambiance from the balcony above the main dining area.

Features: You don’t need to worry about decorating because of the beautiful tall arches and Art Deco decor.

2. The Chase: 

The Chase is all about elegance and style. Check out some of there small wedding venues in Toronto in our blog post!

The Chase is all about casual elegance presented in a modest and thoughtful way. Enjoy your hors d’oeuvres on the rooftop terrace overlooking downtown Toronto and pop champagne in their elevated dining hall. Understated and secluded, this wedding venue is perfect for small weddings.

Features: Plenty of natural light, elegant furniture and some Instagram worthy snaps to complete your wedding day photos.

3. Jump Restaurant 

Jump Restaurant is all about modern minimalism and chic. Check out some other small wedding venues in Toronto in our blog post!

Jump Restaurant is hot. With it’s sleek furniture and minimalist lighting fixtures, this restaurant makes for the perfect spot for an intimate affair. It screams fashion and that’s who Jump Restaurant couples are: fashionable, on trend, and effortlessly classy.

Features: Pinterest worthy chandeliers, polished interior design and dramatic lighting.

4.  Balzac’s

Small wedding ceremony at Balzac's Distillery District

This beautifully maintained historic building is full of romance. Situated in the heart of Toronto’s Distillery District, Balzac’s weddings are as charming as they are timeless. Elope in front of your nearest and dearest and enjoy your cocktail hour sipping delicious coffee and prepare for a fun night ahead!

Features: Vintage posters, graphic flooring and state of the art chandeliers.

5. Planta

Planta is a great addition to the roster of small wedding venues in Toronto

If you’re looking for a small, intimate wedding venue with a larger-than-life bar and swinging chairs, than Planta is your choice! Trendy is an understatement when it comes to this brand new, small wedding venue. Its graphic wallpapers and brass chairs make for perfect wedding decor.

Features: Larger-than-life wine collection, Instagram’s beloved swinging chairs and brass furnishings.

Bonus: Momofuku

Momofuku is one of the small wedding venues in Toronto that has an effortless style and intimate ambience

This elegant restaurant has it all. Large windows bring in gorgeous, golden light at sunset, while its intimate size will make you feel secluded despite having a bustling city beneath you. Put your favourite jazz tunes on replay and enjoy an intimate affair at this landmark venue.

Features: High ceilings, minimalist furniture and cool city views.

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