Take Our Quiz To Find Out: What Kind Of Bride Are You?Tired of scrolling through Instagram? Take our quiz today!

Take our quiz to find out what kind of bride you are!

Tired of scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking for wedding inspiration that is totally “you”? I feel ya!

Wedding planning can feel pretty overwhelming at first, so it’s best to take it step by step.

The best place to start is to find out what kind of bride you really are. Whether it’s classic, adventurous, modern or romantic, it’s important to understand so you can look for the right inspiration in the right places.

With so many wedding styles out there, knowing which one is for you will help you in your search for the right vendors, such as venue, planner, and wedding photographer!

I hope our little quiz will help! Take our quiz to find out what kind of bride you are:

Which quote would you display at your wedding?

Movie time! Which of these romantic movies is your favourite?

Where do you envision celebrating your love?

Let’s get down to business. How many guests are you expecting at your wedding?

Choose your bouquet:

How would you describe the wedding of your dreams?

What Kind of Bride Are You?
A Romantic Princess

What’s blush and white, and romance all over? Your wedding! You remain an old-school kind of gal in this ever-modernizing world. Your ideal wedding is all about celebrating your love in a romantic place with people you cherish the most. What else does a wedding need to be? When it comes to your wedding photos, you want them to be an heirloom that could be passed from one generation to another. You love bright and airy photos that scream “elegance”! Nothing too posed or forced. Guess what? That is exactly what we think wedding photos should be, too.
A Modern Babe

The motto of your Big Day is to “keep it chic and simple”. Clean lines, sleek silhouettes and modern elegance sets the scene at your wedding. From your strikingly elegant dress to the edgy geometric decor and copper accents that make “minimal” feel rich. Your wedding is a statement about your personality, your love and what makes you, you! When it comes to your wedding photos, we suggest taking them in front of a cool architectural background that accentuates your dress and places you in the forefront. You can trust us on this one, they will be talking about your photos long after your wedding.
A Boho Soul

You’re an adventurous soul and planning your wedding might be your greatest adventure yet! You find inspiration in your surroundings and want to showcase the unfiltered beauty of your wedding day. Your colour palette might feature earthy tones and you’re opting for a flower crown instead of a veil. This is exactly why we already love your wedding! When it comes to your photos, we suggest taking them in the middle of a field, or a lush green forest, or even on top of a mountain - anything spacious that lets your love soar!
A Classic Bride

While we're all for modern and non-traditional weddings, there is something to be said for a celebration that will never go out of style. When guests walk into your wedding (or your home, for that matter!), you want them to be left in awe by all the beautiful decor, the abundance of flowers and all those candlelights. You’re drawn to elegant, editorial wedding photographs that speak volumes about their subjects. Aiming for that timeless look? Take your portraits by a local iconic landmark, whether it’s an old castle, a modern masterpiece or a century-old park. Your wedding photos, just like your wedding itself, will stand the test of time and tell an effortlessly elegant story of your love.

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