This Holiday Toronto Photo Booth is Too Good to Pass Up

Oh snap! This Toronto photo booth is a must-have at any party! Be prepared for lots of “Where’d you get that?” and “I want that!” with MANGO’s new, larger-than-life Holiday photo booth.

Step 1: Choose from 9 unique backdrops, or get creative and design your own. Step 2: Fill the booth with as many people as you can. Step 3: Start snapping!

Our Toronto photo booth is completely self-operated, with an attendant on standby to make sure anything unexpected doesn’t happen. This way, you can take your own selfies and still receive professional image quality, putting that Ellen Oscar photo to shame. Oh, did I mention it’s also fun?!

With its instant social sharing and hilarious gif making abilities, our Toronto photo booth is a hit at any party, including yours. Here is how to get MAXIMUM out of your photo booth experience:

1. Go bananas with the props. Hilarity will definitely ensue when guests can monkey around with custom-made props. My number one photobooth tip? Tailor the props to your unique theme and colours. This is a sure-fire way to make the whole experience even more memorable!  

2. For times when more is more, try to cram as many people as you can fit (or find). As with any experience, it will only get better when you can share it with hundreds of your closest friends. That’s why our Toronto photo booth is completely customizable. Full length, portrait, red carpet – you name it! The sky’s the limit.

3. Pics or it didn’t happen. Always print the images on the spot. For those moments when a few too many cocktails have been consumed, the photo booth also sends a copy (a gif and an image) via text or email. And yes, the pictures are also instantly uploaded to a high resolution gallery where guest can see ALL of the photos from the event. So maybe don’t drink too much.

As a limited time offer, our Toronto photo booth is available for a special Holidays price starting at $800 + tax. So hurry up, spots are filling quickly! Send us an email inquiry via our Contact Form to see it working its magic.