Wedding Photography Styles : A complete guide

A Guide to Wedding Photography Styles by Mango Studios: Snapping Your Way to Marital Bliss

Ah, weddings! A smorgasbord of decisions, from dresses to décor. But one of the most critical choices you’ll make (besides your partner) is your Wedding Photography Style. Not to worry, we here at Mango Studios are going to help explain the different photo styles.  So let’s delve into the wonderful world of wedding photography, and find the techniques that’ll make you swoon.

The Quest for the Perfect Pic

Before you even approach potential photographers, you need to know your style or styles. Are you a fan of fine art, or do you prefer dark and moody shots? Or are you torn between classic and dramatic photos? Fear not! Many photographers can seamlessly switch between styles to satisfy your every whim.  Want to find out what style is your cup of tea?

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The Great Social Media Detective

Lost in the sea of options? You can also try some social-media sleuthing. Examine your Instagram and Pinterest saves for patterns, or create mood boards to discover your heart’s desire. With a bit of pinning and pondering, you’ll soon spot the trend that tickles your fancy the most.

The Wedding Photography Style Rundown

Get ready to explore wedding photography styles, from candid snapshots to time-honored classics.

1. Dramatic and Moody

Dark, moody, and dramatic – these photos are as brooding as a Brontë novel. With shadowy patterns and bold lighting, this style has gained popularity in recent years. This style is ideal for couples seeking a touch of the unconventional.  Also, these kinds of images make really beautiful artwork throughout your home.

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2. Photojournalistic / Candid

Second, a touch of candid magic goes a long way. Photojournalistic photographers are like wedding ninjas, stealthily capturing heartfelt moments as they unfold. They let the day progress naturally, immortalizing the magic in spontaneous snaps. Perfect for couples who adore unscripted memories.

3. Editorial

Strike a pose with editorial photography! If you’ve ever dreamed of gracing a fashion magazine, this style is your ticket to a wedding photoshoot with a high-end, luxury feel. It’s rare but undeniably fabulous.

4. Fine Art

Channel your inner Monet with fine art photography. Known for its light, bright, and airy aesthetic, this style offers a delicate, clean look that often draws inspiration from film photography. A breath of fresh air for your wedding album!

5. Traditional

Classic and traditional photos hark back to your parents’ wedding albums. Though they may not win many creativity contests, these timeless and eye-level shots never go out of style. Most photographers include a dash of tradition, particularly for post-ceremony family portraits.


6. Black and White

Black-and-white wedding photos may seem like a simple editing choice and not so much a wedding photography style. Nevertheless, they pack an emotional punch. Photographers often offer a mix of color and monochrome images, knowing that some moments are best captured in the timeless elegance of black and white.


So there you have it! A lighthearted look at the wondrous world of wedding photography styles. Now go forth, choose wisely, and prepare to smile, smolder, or smize your way through your big day!

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