Candid Wedding Photography: 25 Wedding Images That Are Sure to Make You Laugh or Cry

Candid wedding photography

Heck yeah! Every year we are blessed to photograph one incredible couple after another and witness the most important day in their life. It’s funny to think about it, but it’s true! As a wedding photographer, you become a part of their close family for one day. Your work is then cherished for many years to come. It’s almost like you’re becoming a part of their life through the photos. This thought hits me every time. It’s incredible how as a wedding photographer you’re also going through the ups and downs of the day, together with the couple. There are so many emotions involved on a wedding day. The thrill of seeing each other for the first time at the altar, the sadness of a parent giving away a child, the proud moment of seeing your son or daughter as the loving, grown up person they are, the tears of grief and wishing your loved ones who passed away were present on this special day, and the tears of happiness realizing that they actually are in your hearts.

And I was thinking – as wedding photographers we live through these moments with you, trying our best to capture your emotions as genuinely as possible. We are doing it by staying behind the scenes, allowing the moments to evolve naturally. I find that these small, special moments happen on their own and don’t need to be forced or fabricated. I also believe that great wedding photography comes down to people, their emotions, and telling their story in a way that stays true to who they are. That is why most of the time my favourite shots after a wedding are usually the ones that are not planned but are spontaneous in nature. Like the expression of a bride’s face when she gives her sister a hug, or an unplanned high five exchange between the groom and his best mate. These are the photos that stick in your memory and in a way sum up your entire day in one picture.

I decided to sit down and gather a few photos that our team took recently that really got me going. The ones that are raw, genuine, organic – the ones that I’m really proud of. Believe me, that was not an easy task because there are so many good weddings! My solution was to break this post into several parts so you have more awesomeness to look at. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you with the best in candid wedding photography moments that are sure to make you laugh or cry. Prepare to swoon!

These groomsmen are doing a little scholarly reading:

Candid wedding photography

And sharing few laughs in between:

Candid wedding photography

The thrill of the First Look:

Candid wedding photography

This groom who just can’t even…

Candid wedding photography

This dad just won’t…let.. her… go:

Candid wedding photography

And her husband-to-be thought she was so gorgeous he had to keep his distance:

Candid wedding photography

These two. Perfection.

Candid wedding photography

Candid wedding photography

Touchdown! Married.

Touchdown! Married

This groom was full of emotions… he cried…

This groom was full of emotions

He laughed:

He laughed

This happy smile confirming it was the right bride to be.

happy smile confirming it was the right bride to be

And these two who just couldn’t keep it together:

keep it together

How happy everyone around you is when seeing you so madly in love:

happy everyone

And how happy you look when seeing everyone as happy as you are:

happy you look when seeing everyone as happy

This spirited rice toast throwing crew:

spirited rice toast throwing crew

This hug of love:

hug of love

And these best friends glowing smiles:

best friends glowing smiles

This pretty squad strolling through the city:

pretty squad strolling through the city

Just adorbs:

Just adorbs

This hora taken to the whole new level:

hora taken to the whole new level

Recruiting them young:

Recruiting them young

It’s okay, guys!:

It’s okay, guys!

These pearly whites pretty much sum up why I love weddings so much:

pearly whites pretty