Groom Photos: Mango’s Guide

Groom photos. Does anyone ever really talk about these? I mean, long before a bride even meets her husband-to-be she has a general (or very detailed) idea about her wedding and all the photos she wants, needs, and must have! We get it, today is about the bride and it should be because, look at her, she’s absolutely stunning! But it does take two to tie the knot so I thought I’d show a little love to all the men out there. All the men who, as their wedding day approaches, realize they have no clue what to do for their groom photos. Or maybe you do: put on your suit, have some bro time with the bros, and get some jumping shots. While those are all pretty cool, I thought I could compile an actual, legitimate, totally helpful photo guide for the groom and his groomsmen so he can get images as swoon-worthy as his partner! Groom photos that will capture his unique personality so that they are more than just snapshots of the day, but windows into his soul.

To make this guide even more helpful, we’ve made it easy to read with organized sections and even provided lots of examples, so grab a drink and let’s get to it!

1. Logistics

We know, this doesn’t seem like it is going to be very exciting but I thought I’d get the boring stuff out of the way because, at the end of the day, in order to get all that fancy fun stuff in your groom photos, you have to take care of the logistics first!

We assume you’ve chosen your wedding photographer at this point, but if not, here’s a great guide you can use. When it comes to getting great wedding photos, communication is key. Make sure you get to know your photographer’s and feel comfortable around them. For groom photos specifically, you will need to discuss which time slots are allocated for your photos and the location in which they will be shot. Nothing is worse than miscommunication and running around trying to figure out what’s going on the day of the wedding. With the date, time, and location set, it’s time to note who the VIPs are. This is important because your photographer doesn’t know all the special people in your life, so it would be wise to make a list of everyone you must have in your photos (mom, dad, best man, groomsmen, etc). Don’t just stop at compiling a list but make sure each person are aware and available during that time slot– shoot them a text, write an email, send a carrier pigeon, whatever you need to do! A final bit to consider: if you’ve planned anything special for you and your groomsmen, let your photographer know so that he or she will be prepared to take some candids of the event!

2. Make it personal

There is, no doubt, a basic formula that most weddings follow but that does not mean you can’t personalize the details. If there are certain cultural practices or articles of clothing you’d like to include, do it! I once had an entire groom party wear kilts for their photos and the results were amazing. It’s not limited to culture, though. You can include any inside jokes or personal interests that will make your groom photos unique. If you love taking selfies with your bros, we’ll get a shot of that. If you can’t live without your Ray Bans, they definitely won’t be banned from the photos. If you bought your party matching socks (or underwear), we absolutely, positively must capture it! See, isn’t this fun?

3. Unleash your inner fashionista

This kind of ties in with the previous section, but don’t limit yourself to the basic groom wardrobe. You know, black suit, black shoes, white dress shirt, and a tie. While there is nothing wrong with the classic look, there are so many ways you can elevate your outfit and absolutely slay on your wedding day. At the very least, you can play with colour (black, white, grey, navy, brown) and fabric (wool, cotton, flannel, tweed). But throwing in some wild cards and taking fashions risks is where it really starts to get fun. You can get wooden bowties for some nature-inspired fashion. You can customize your suit with lining made from jerseys of your favourite sports team. You can even go crazy with your boutonnieres: I’ve seen shot gun shells, mini action figures, and (a personal favourite) fellowship brooches from The Lord of the Rings! Don’t just wear colourful socks when you can do so much with fashion on your wedding day!

4. Act natural

I know, easier said than done – especially if you aren’t naturally fierce in front of the camera. The best way to achieve organic, not-at-all-awkward groom photos would be to get comfortable with your photographer and your party. You already know your groomsmen (hopefully) but make an effort to get to know your photographer as well. If the person taking your wedding photos is a complete stranger, it will show in contrived images. But if your photographer has a feel for who you are, he or she can make sure all the unique elements of your personality shine through. A great way to do this is to not make the camera the focus at all. The best shots are photojournalistic in style and don’t necessarily require your undivided attention or flawless smize. If you can get ready, hang out with the guys, and have a good time with some genuine laughs, we are sure to capture great memories.

And there you have it! For successful images: deal with the logistics, make it personal, unleash your inner fashionista, and act natural. Your wedding day is about you, so, if there is one thing you take away from this guide it is to think about how you can incorporate bits of your personality into the day for unique, unforgettable groom photos!