4 Tips on How to Take Your Own Family Photos During Covid-19Don't miss out on capturing special milestones during a Pandemic

Stuck at home with the family and need a fun activity?  We’ve got you!   This is all such a weird time we are all going through and it should be documented. I recently took some pictures of my little one and I  at home doing our thing.  Below are a few tips to help you do the same for your family.  You can be as fancy and polished or quarantine pajama comfy as you want.

1. Photo Equipment

There is no need for a fancy new camera to document your fam.  In fact, stick with what you know.  These days even a smartphone can take decent photos!  Whether it is a smartphone, a point, and shoot or a fancy DSLR if you practice and know how to use it and manipulate the settings then go for it!

A tripod and a camera that has a timer or a remote control though are pretty important if you plan to take your own family photos.  Smartphones also have these settings.

I set up our family shots with my DSLR on a tripod and then I used a 10-second timer to take the photos.  If I don’t have my DSLR with me I prop up my iPhone and set the timer.  The iPhone camera timer is found in the native camera app, located at the top of the screen.

2. Location and lighting

Find a location you want to shoot at that fits your style.  Keep in mind what you want to do with the images afterward.  Would you like to print them out, frame them, and put them on a wall?  If so,  keep that in mind when selecting a location.

Is there enough natural light?  If I ‘m not shooting outdoors I  prefer to set up right near a window during the day so there is a ton of natural light.  Declutter the space.  Now it’s time to move around some furniture, tidy up and keep the area clean and simple.   A simple white wall can also be super sleek and modern.

3.  Get Moving

Set the timer on your camera, prop it up on a stand, tripod, or whatever you can use and have your family sit/ stand within the frame.  Now get moving!  Put on some music and have a dance party, crack some jokes, and enjoy each other’s company!  Keep close together and just have fun.  Don’t worry about making each shot perfect.  The point of a family photo is to capture your personalities so remember the images don’t have to be photo perfect.  They should capture the essence of your family dynamic.  If you would like some more direction Here is our Family portrait posing guide CLICK HERE

4.  Editing tools

Once you’ve captured a series of images it’s time to start narrowing down your faves.  Once you’ve selected your favourite images there is a ton of super easy to use editing apps and tools.  I  like to use any of the following apps

  • Lightroom presets
  • VSCO for editing
  • Pic Collage- to create collages

If you’d like some professional help documenting your family during COVID, we offer social distancing photoshoots.  You can check out the Link below

More Info to book a Family Photography session HERE