These Photos Show That Family Photography Is Fun!Inside FASHION Magazine Editor’s fun family photo shoot

It’s only natural that family and wedding photography go hand in hand.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to photograph a very special, fun-loving and charming family. I couldn’t be happier with the photos! I was so excited for this shoot since the mother, Zeina Esmail is a sought-after fashion director and Editor-at-Large for FASHION Magazine. She is notorious for styling some of the best fashion covers featuring Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and other celebrities. With an impressive roster of clientele working on award-winning campaigns and international publications, Zeina’s distinct aesthetics has her in high demand.

For their family photography session in our airy studio, Zeina approached it with a true-to-her mindset, putting together a fun, chic and ever-so-fashionable photoshoot. What could be better than photographing an easy-going and fun-loving family dressed to the nines? Nothing!

Zeina envisioned a simple, yet cool dynamic for her fun family portraits, This is exactly what I think any family photoshoot should be. I am a firm believer that all family photos should be exactly that: fun, stress-free and effortless while showcasing that unique family bond and dynamics you share with your loved ones. Isn’t it something we all want? No one wants their family photography to be dull or awkward. Every family is unique and there will be different dynamics amongst family members. That’s totally cool! If your kids are not in the mood to stand still and prefer to run around like turkeys. I’d love to capture that playful, care-free side of them. I always strive to show that unique relationship and personality in every single family photo, whether it’s a fun and relaxed in-studio session or a formal family photo shoot on your wedding day.

Here’s how to do it:

To create emotionally rich, fun and dynamic family photos I start by getting to know you first. Because every family is unique I want them to end up with images that feel like them. Some people laugh more, some less. Some people are shy and introverted, and others are loud extroverts. Therefore, I always remind myself to show up on the set with a flexible point of view. This is what I tell my couples and clients, too. Come to the shoot with no other expectation other than having fun. If you try to direct children (or anyone, really!) into cozy, calm poses, it only takes a second before they start tickling each other and making funny noises, you need to adapt. I always let my couples and families steer the mood for the shoot and not the other way around. Otherwise, you might end up with photos that feel forced and foreign.  That’s why I play into it when I see the family I’m photographing is goofy and tends to burst out into laughter. Alternatively, if they are quiet and calm, I let them sink into it. By adapting and embracing personalities and unique relationships, I’m able to create compelling family photographs that are alive, authentic and stay true to self.