QUIZ: Find out what Toronto wedding venue type is perfect for you!From cozy to grand, there are so many options to choose from…

Deciding on your Toronto wedding venue is one the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when planning your Big Day. From the wedding day logistics to decor and style, there are so many things that depend on your celebration location.

With so many great options inside and outside of the city, it’s only understandable if you feel a bit overwhelmed! Take a deep breath and exhale. I hope our fun little quiz will help you decide what Toronto wedding venue type is perfect for you, and give you some ideas for the best location for your festivities!

What is your idea of a perfect date night?

What season are you getting married in?

How would you personalize your wedding ceremony?

Choose your favourite ceremony backdrop:

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Find out what Toronto wedding venue type is perfect for you
Charming Villa

Your upcoming wedding is sure to be pure romance at an elegant and timeless villa! Luckily, Toronto offers plenty of pretty options! From Graydon Hall Manor to The Estates of Sunnybrook, these Toronto wedding venues are charming, exquisite and super romantic. Due to their beautiful European-inspired architecture and breathtaking gardens, they do not need a lot to feel decorated. Simply, add some flowers and tall, twinkling candles - and you’ll have yourself a romantic Old World style wedding without ever living the city.
Boutique Loft

You are a true downtown dweller at your core and the idea of having a modern and intimate affair right in the middle of the city is an exciting one! Urban, yet sleek and ever-so-romantic, Toronto offers a lot of picturesque loft-style wedding venues that might interest you! From Gardiner Museum and 99 Sudbury to The Burroughs Building and The Royal Conservatory, there are a lot of options to choose from. Whether you seek for an industrial setting or are obsessed with the idea of a sleek, modern space, a loft venue is the perfect base for the wedding of your dreams!
Luxurious Hotel

You love the idea of a grand wedding with all of your family and friends but you’re not completely sold on saying “I Do” at a banquet hall. A luxurious hotel is the perfect alternative! With their splendid halls and mid-century interior design, they can easily fit all of your 250+ guests while not compromising on the luxurious and elegant feel. King Edward Hotel, Fairmont Royal York and One King West could be the perfect options. Don’t be afraid to take cues from these hotels’ aesthetics when it comes to your wedding decor, and add tons of candles to make it ever-so-romantic!
Countryside Charm

Whoohoo! You’ve got a dreamy and lush wedding in your future taking place at a beautiful countryside venue! Let the rolling, emerald hills and the venue grounds take the centre stage in your wedding design as you decorate your day with romantic flowers, loose greenery and whimsical details. There are a lot of great countryside wedding venues close to the city, including Niagara’s breathtaking vineyards, Muskoka region resorts and elegant valley golf clubs. Kurtz Orchards, Copper Creek Golf Club, Delmonte in the Pines and Cambium Farms are just a few great examples!

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