MANGO Studio Tips: To First Look Or Not To First Look

At MANGO Studios, our couples often ask us whether they should shoot a first look session before the ceremony. Our verdict: Yes!

Our couples often come to us and ask whether they should shoot a first look session before the ceremony begins, or save the special moment for walking down the aisle. Throughout our experiences as one of the top wedding photography studios in Toronto, we have found that shooting a first-look session not only yields beautiful photographs but also sets the tone for the entire day.

Savour the moment: Shooting a first look session gives you the opportunity to savour that intimate moment when you and your partner first see each other prior to the ceremony. It’s an emotional and special moment just for you.

Set the mood: A first look session will also set the tone for the shoots that follow throughout the remainder of the day and help guide the visual story of your wedding. Every wedding is a unique story, and a first look session will set the mood for your personal narrative.

Get the best of both worlds: We’ll often advise the bride and groom to split up again about thirty minutes before ceremony in order to mentally prepare for ceremony. That way, all the wedding guests and family get to participate in the moment when bride walks down the aisle.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this series of first-look photos with Andrea and Tej. So romantic!