Everything you need to know about weddings at the AGO

As wedding photographers it is very important for us to keep in touch with the best wedding industry professionals in order to deliver flawless wedding photographs. It also includes staying up-to-date with the best wedding venues in the city. No matter how many times we might have shot in a particular venue before, there is always something new and exciting to discover, whether it’s a beautiful afternoon light or a new vantage point. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), situated in the heart of the city, is one of the most unique wedding venues in Toronto in my opinion. With its majestic curves and jaw-dropping halls, the AGO is an art piece in and of itself. Whenever I think of an AGO wedding, I imagine sleek lines and dramatic light. AGO weddings are all about cool, interesting angles, panoramic shots and epic geometry. However, it doesn’t have to be confined to this definition. What I like about this wedding venue is it’s very versatile. Big windows provide soft light for those airy bridal portraits you see in wedding magazines, while lines and interesting architecture allows to shoot some contrasty and moody frames. It’s also given that each art pavilion has it’s unique atmosphere and lighting. As a wedding photographer, I’m always looking for this kind of versatility in any wedding location I’m shooting at. Having a moderate array of various scenery, moods and colour tones in your wedding photos will make it more visually interesting and give some story telling aspect to your wedding coverage. If you’re planning an AGO wedding, rest assured: your wedding photos will turn out to be dynamic, diverse, yet equally alluring!

I met up with Jennifer Prince, the wedding planner at the AGO, to go over the venue and tap her brain on photographing a wedding in this beautiful venue:

Mango Studios (MS): What makes the AGO an amazing venue?

Jennifer Prince (JP): The AGO is a historical and cultural landmark in Toronto. We offer the unique experience of hosting your wedding surrounded by our world renowned collection of Canadian, European and modern masterpieces. Additionally, the AGO is one of the only cultural institutions in North America with its own in-house culinary team. This allows us to fully customize our menus and present a one-of-a-kind, locally-sourced, and artfully plated meal to you and your guests.  Art is on your plate at the AGO.

MS: What makes your venue unique?

JP: Our wedding clients enjoy exclusive access to the Gallery for wedding photos – even during gallery hours.  With galleries and spaces ranging from historical to modern and chic, the AGO becomes a memorable backdrop to the love and beauty of the day.

MS: What kind of photos taken at the gallery are your favourite?

JP: We love to see shots of the couple in all the unique spaces in the Gallery. Every photographer has a different eye to where to shoot in the Gallery and sometimes we see pictures of areas we would not have thought of ourselves or they may be captured in a different style or focus.

We appreciate beautiful room shots and photography of our cuisine that we can share with our future clients too.

MS: What should wedding couples and their photographers know about shooting at the AGO?

JP: We recommend that our clients and their photographers come to the Gallery to scout out some special locations so they are best prepared for the big day. Otherwise they might feel a bit overwhelmed on the wedding day – the AGO does cover a city block, and is jam-packed with beautiful art and architecture.

We are pleased to offer new photographers the opportunity to come and meet us and let us show them some of our favourite ‘hidden gems’ in the Gallery.

MS: Do we assist clients in their search for photographer?

JP: Absolutely! We have wonderful relationships with many of our vendor partners and friends in the industry. We are happy to refer those professionals who know the Gallery well and have a respect for the art, architecture and our client’s dreams for their day. Professional photography and videography of the wedding day are some of the most important takeaways for the couple . Finding the right photographer to align with the couple’s style is also very important – whether they are looking for traditional portraits, urban shots, a fashion shoot style, or candid images. A great photographer matched to the right client will help bring out the best in the couple!

MS: Why would you recommend Mango?

JP: We know that the Mango photographers are professional, warm & friendly, and know the Gallery very well. The Mango level of service and professionalism is a perfect complement to the AGO and the level of service and style we provide to our couples.