This One is For Dads: Father of the Bride and Groom TributeGet ready to embark on a full-on cry fest.

This Sunday is Father’s Day, and I’ve put together a tribute to all the awesome father-of-the-bride (and grooms) out there. While planning all the details of the wedding or running a shopping marathon for the perfect wedding gown may not be some dads’ forte, I see that many men are excited to be very involved. From traditional roles like walking their children down the aisle to officiating the ceremony, dads can take a piece of the spotlight on a big day – which they well deserve!

Here’s a compilation of father-of-the-bride and groom moments our team captured over the last year. Is it just me, or do these teary dads make you tear up a little yourself? Get ready to embark on a full-on cry fest.

A bride reveal to her dad is one of the most emotional parts of the dayFirst Looks with dads are often one of the most emotional moments of the bride’s morning. Here we decided to take it outside on the porch so we could have a better view of their reactions. I love this photo as it is filled with so much anticipation.

A father of the bride enters a room to see his daughter as a bride for the first timeSometimes First Looks can be spontaneous, too! As we were taking Natasha’s portraits, her dad walked into the room only to find his gorgeous daughter in a breathtaking dress. He stopped there speechless, and it was one of the most beautiful moments I witnessed.

Emotional photo of the father of the bride as he enters the room to see her as a bride for the first timeFather of the bride crying to see her daughter as a bride for the first timeThese photos are one of my all time favourites. The bride’s father just couldn’t hold it together and he burst into tears of happiness when he saw his beautiful daughter on her way to see her groom. It was a very emotional moment for everyone in the room as the mother gave a hug to dad moments after this photo was taken.

A father of the bride kisses his daughter as he sees her for the first time as a bride in the morningThis photo brings me so much joy every time I look at it. Here, Alicia’s father is kissing her hands as he gives her compliments on how beautiful she looks. Moments like these are priceless.

A father's hug: Father of the bride tributeEverything became quiet as the bride’s dad read a note from her. You could feel the emotions that silently ran through him. Once he finished reading her postcard, he gave her one of the warmest hugs I’ve seen.

A bride is happy to see her father on their way to the wedding ceremonyI love how affectionate Stephanie was towards her father. It was the first time she saw her dad in his wedding attire that day and she was so pleased to see her dad looking this handsome.

A father walking his daughter down the aisle This moving moment just seconds before the father passed his daughter to her husband-to-be is everything! It was such a brief, yet such a strong moment – I’m very glad we were able to catch this touching gesture.

A father tearing up during the wedding ceremonyWhen men cry at weddings, you know it really is something. This photo was taken when the bride walked into a ceremony room and started walking slowly towards her father who was waiting for her half-way.

A proud father walks his daughter down the aisle during the wedding ceremonyDoesn’t this photograph fill your heart with pure joy? Jessica’s father was smiling so proudly as he walked her down the aisle, I realized where she got this infectious smile of hers!

A father of the bride gives his daughter blessings after the wedding ceremonyThis photo was taken as the bride’s father approached her to give his pre-ceremony blessings to the couple. It was such a powerful moment filled with so much love – it gives me shivers just looking at it.

A father of the groom can't help but tear up during wedding ceremonyWedding vows have a tendency to bring tears to faces of the most unexpected people in the room. This dad couldn’t help but tear up as his grown-up son gave his heartfelt wedding vow to the woman of his dreams.

A father of the bride enters the wedding reception with his two daughtersIn this photo a father walks into a wedding reception accompanied by his two daughters, sisters of the bride. I learned during the course of the wedding day, that he already celebrated weddings of his two older daughters and it was time to give away his younger one. It was a very emotional speech he delivered that made me tear up myself. He said: “I have already been a father-of-the-bride twice. And it brings me so much joy and happiness that I get to be a father-of-the-bride for one last time today”.

A father of the bride blowing soap bubbles during wedding receptionThis shot is a fun reminder that not all father-of-the-bride/groom moments have to be somber. Here is a photo of a dad who’s completely into blowing those soap bubbles during the wedding reception. It reminds me that no matter how old you are, there’s always a little child sitting inside of you who just wants to have fun.

Whether it’s a small gift that you can give him on your way to the ceremony, a toast to him during reception or playing his favorite song during some late night dancing, your wedding day provides many great opportunities to make your Dad feel special and appreciated. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

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