These Wedding Dogs Will Make Your Day

As a big dog lover myself, I get very excited when I learn there is going to be a dog at a wedding! Luckily, we had a lot of really good weddings that involved furry companions. I decided to make a compilation of some of the cutest wedding dogs pictures to make your day! Prepare to swoon. You’re welcome!

This adorable pup inspired table place card is not over the top at all:

adorable dog inspired table place card setting adorable dog inspired table place card holders

This lucky pup who has a cookie twin:

dog inspired wedding cookie dog as an honourable guest at a wedding

And this pup who got to keep the groom’s all to herself!

grooms playing with their dog on a wedding day

This fur ball who doesn’t mind being in the spotlight:

a happy bride holding her favourite dog on a wedding day

This best friend who is actually smiling:

a couple and their dog holding a Save The Date sign

This little fluffball who wanted to be included in one…  

a couple holding their favourite puppy during their engagement session

Two.. And… three photos smiling with the happy couple:

happy dog and her bride and groom adorable pup at the engagement photo shoot

These two adorable gents: one for Him and one for Her:

bride and groom and their two dogs catching a rest during the engagement photo shoot

And this pretty pooch who braved the cold in her favourite coat:

brave pup in her favourite coat during the engagement photo shoot

This beautiful flower girl who doesn’t mean to steal your thunder:

beautiful dog wearing pretty ribbons at a wedding day

This happy pup who thought she was about to put the gown on:

a happy bride holding her favourite dog in the morning of her wedding day

And this lucky bride whose family just got bigger by one furry pup:

bride received a puppy as her wedding gift

This is possibly the cutest high five ever:

a dog giving high five to the groom on the wedding day

And this guy who wanted a front row seat:

groomsmen and their dog seating in the front row at a wedding

This pin-sized wedding guest who can’t wait to hear your “I Do’s”:

a bride holding her pretty dog during the wedding photo shoot a groom holding his favourite dog during the wedding photo shoot

This serious fellow guarding the bride:

a bride and her favourite dog taking pictures in the morning

And this best friend who is as excited for the newlywed as the newlyweds themselves!  

happy bride and groom walking down the aisle with their favourite dog

Imagine this. You’re a bride and your morning has been super intense. You’re nervous and everyone around you is nervous as well. You just put on your veil and are getting a tad antsy about walking down the aisle. Would you rather:

  1. Knock back a flute of champagne
  2. Enjoy some aromatherapy

If you chose C) you can sit back and read the rest of this blog post! Wedding dogs are the sweetest wedding guests. For many couples, their pets are an important part of their family and they cannot imagine celebrating their big day without their furry best friends. What can possibly be more adorable than a pup in a bow tie collar looking its wedding best? Your pets should be a legitimate part of your family crew and including them in your wedding photos is uhm… BEST IDEA EVER?!

But, as fun and cute a photo-op as it is, there are a few things you need to consider before including your furry companion into your wedding day. Weddings might be stressful for you but they also might be stressful for your pet if they don’t like having too many people around. I once had a bride whose dog came from a rescue shelter and was very anxious to be around so many people. There are also dogs that get terrified to leave their humans so it was difficult for them to be alone. There are so many things to keep in mind, like your pet’s personality – do they like meeting new people? Do they bark a lot? Do they get anxious? From my experience, here are a few tips to make sure your special day is as enjoyable for your furry friend as it is for you:

Your Dog’s Personality:

Weddings can be overwhelming for dogs who find it hard to adapt to new environments and strangers. With an average of 150 guests at a wedding, there is no wonder it might be difficult for some of them feel calm. To combat this, assign a special person to watch your dog the entire day. It could simply be your sister or a cousin. Someone who knows your dog well and can give him comfort if things get a bit overwhelming.

Your Wedding Venue:

Double check with your wedding venue if pets are allowed. It’s a bummer, but some venues do not allow you to bring any pets. It might be due to security and sanitary reasons, so confirm with your wedding coordinator if you can have your dog as your VIP guest.

Allergies (This is a big one):

A lot of people do actually have allergies to pets. In order to make your wedding day run smoothly, ask your guests and your bridal party if they have any uncomfortable pet allergies. Giving them an ample warning will help them prepare to ease their allergic reaction.

Anticipate Behaviour:

Jumping dogs are not appreciated especially at formal occasions. Make sure you train your dog to greet people in a calm, quiet manner. If the level of excitement is too high, he might find it hard to control his impulses. Training them before the big day will make the day enjoyable to everyone involved.

Notify Your Photographer:

Make sure your photographer is aware you’re including your dog in the wedding party. This will help us prepare to take some awesome pooch shots and have someone distracting your dog if you want to take some pictures alone. It will also help us plan accordingly if we happen to have any pet allergies.

All of these steps will make sure your guests, your photographer and most importantly your dog will have the happiest of times at your wedding.