A Great Way to print and Display your wedding Images


These MANGO Resin Art pieces make a bold statement.

So many couples these days are opting for wedding packages that offer only the high resolution images on disc with royalty free reprint rights, and no prints or an album.  So what should you do? Instead of taking your images to the pharmacy and printing out all of them on low grade photo paper, look at the images at home carefully, and select the ones you really like and create some awesome art work for your home.

MANGO Resin Art pieces are high-end investment pieces best suited for contemporary loft spaces or condos with high-ceilings. They’re the perfect option for both contemporary and transitional décors. The photograph is mounted on wood and then epoxy wax is poured over the piece, creating a glossy, lavish look and feel. When creating MANGO Resin Art, we recommend choosing large pieces that will make a dramatic impact in your living space. These pieces can be made into one, two or three panels, which makes them ideal for framing a series of photographs. The edges are stained to match the rest of your décor, giving this frame a highly refined, customized appearance.