Home Engagement Session with Stacey and Sonya

My at-home engagement session with Sonya and Stacey began with sipping cups of maple tea (yipes!) and slowly progressed into the creation of a mouth watering beer-can-chicken dinner.  The recipe, though quite simple, requires lots of love, care, and of course, beer. For anyone else who wants to try it, I found some great directions here, and have detailed Sonya and Stacey’s recipe here:

– 1 whole chicken
– 1/2 a lemon
– salt to taste
– freshly ground pepper
– chicken seasoning
– crushed chili peppers
– olive oil
– 1 can beer (Creemore)

Shooting a lifestyle session is an intimate experience, and it’s always interesting to see how closely a home ties into someone’s character.  I can’t thank Sonya and Stacey enough for such an awesome afternoon.  I walked away ecstatic with what I’d captured, and Sonya sent me home with more maple tea and cupcakes 🙂