Top 10 Location Ideas For Sweet Fall Engagement PhotosSharing our favourite locations for an engagement session

Scarborough Bluffs Fall engagement photos

October is a stellar time for Fall engagement photos! With the leaves changing into brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red, you’re guaranteed to have a gorgeous photo backdrop. Plus, you can really make it cozy! From pulling out your knit sweaters to cuddling up by the first fires of the season, to sipping the Pumpkin Spice Latte, you can turn your engagement photo shoot to a warm and fuzzy date with your loved one.

We’re sharing our location ideas for a great autumn engagement session, and including photos for the ultimate inspiration. These romantic snapshots include the best seasonal details, from cozy, cool-weather outfits to colorful, falling leaves.

Here are our Top 10 location ideas for cozy Fall engagement photos: 

1. Evergreen Brick Works 
Evergreen Brick Works Fall engagement photos

Evergreen Brick Works looks pretty in every season, but it looks especially romantic in Fall. I think it just embraces the season so well. Need a little pro tip? Hike to the top of the hill and be rewarded with panoramic views of the city. It requires little effort, but the end result is so worth it.

Features: Panoramic view of the city, industrial vibe and lots of trees
Permit: Yes
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid weekends and Friday evenings

2. Scarborough Bluffs
Scarborough Bluffs Fall engagement photos

It’s hard not to be impressed by the natural beauty of autumn at Scarborough Bluffs. This engagement photo location is a pretty popular choice among many couples, and for a good reason. The Bluffers Park is one of the most scenic places in the city. With its picturesque cliffs and a sandy beach, it almost looks like a place that doesn’t belong to Ontario, but I’m so glad it does.

Features: A rocky beach and beautiful nature
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early weekday afternoons are the best

3. Cherry Beach 
Cherry Beach Fall engagement photos

An early Autumn beach is a great setting for your engagement session. Take a stroll along the shore and enjoy some time alone with your partner at a secluded beach and take some cozy engagement pics along the way. Fall foliage looks beautiful when reflected in the water, and there’s something utterly romantic about an empty beach. Comfy knits are totally acceptable, if that’s the vibe you’re going for 😉

Features: A cozy safeguard house, picturesque lakeshore and a cozy vibe
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid Friday afternoons and weekends

4. Kortright Centre for Conservation
Kortright Centre Fall engagement photos

There’s something dreamy about a forest blanketed in fallen leaves, and the Kortright Centre for Conservation is a perfect spot if you long for ethereal looking Fall engagement photos in the forest. There are a lot of reasons to love this spot, and its pine grove, lush rolling fields and breathtaking nature are only a few of them.

Features: Pine forest, lush Fall fields and scenic nature
Permit: Yes
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Early weekday afternoons are preferred.

5. Humber River
Humber River Fall engagement photos

If you’re looking for something unique, I would strongly recommend considering Humber River Park as your engagement photo location. It’s definitely one of the most underrated, yet scenic spots in the city! I love it because it features many great spots including a rocky beach, dreamy woods and a scenic river. Plus, its colourful forest is sure to make your snapshots stand out.

Features: Scenic river, lots of trees and a relaxed vibe
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid weekends

6. High Park 
High Park Fall engagement photos

Nothing says Fall engagement photos like High Park. From peaceful ponds to pretty gardens, this spot is full of organic beauty. You can also drop by the Bloor West Village market to get some cozy pictures that feature seasonal details, like a pumpkin patch and the Autumn harvest!

Features: Classy vibe, scenic ponds and lots of trees
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid weekends

7. Golf Club
Golf club Fall engagement photos

If you have access to a golf club, I would encourage to pay it a visit. It could turn into a really fun engagement session! I love this idea because you can find many picturesque spots at a golf club. Starting with sleek and glamorous golf fields, and ending with a surrounding rustic forest, your engagement pics will feature a lot of character and variety.

Features: Wild forest vibes, panoramic views and scenic golfing fields
Permit: Yes
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid weekends

8. Toronto Island 
Toronto Island Fall engagement photos

Consider traveling a little to find a location that really showcases the season. Toronto Island is one of my beloved engagement shoot locations as it never looks the same every time I visit it with my couples. It’s small, yet versatile as there are so many photogenic backdrops. From a birch forest to the scenic lakeshore, there are many cool photo opportunities for every taste.

Features: Scenic lakeshore, countryside vibes and a beautiful view of the city
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Weekday afternoons are the best

9. University of Toronto 
University of Toronto Fall engagement photos

University of Toronto and Fall are made for each other, just like you and your partner. There’s something very romantic about taking a walk through the U of T campus and take in all the beauty. The changing tress and the Gothic architecture will definitely look great in your Fall engagement photos.

Features: Classy vibe, beautiful architecture and lots of character
Permit: Yes
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid pre and post work hours

10. Downtown Toronto 
Downtown Toronto Fall engagement photos

You don’t need to do anything crazy to score pretty engagement pics. If modern architecture, a laid back vibe and busy downtown streets sound more like you, opt for simple, yet refined downtown Fall engagement photos. After all, your engagement shoot location should reflect you and your taste, and there’s no better way to show your hip and modern attitude than with some sleek downtown pics.

Features: Modern vibe, timeless feel and geometric lines
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid pre and post work hours