Top 10 Unique Engagement Photo IdeasHorseback riding, road trip and more!

Bicycle engagement photos are so cute!

With wedding photography taking a natural turn, more and more couples looking for unique engagement photo ideas that truly capture the heart of their relationship. I believe that’s exactly what couples photography stands for as each relationship is unique. I love when my couples choose to do some sort of activity during their engagement session! Whether it’s having a stroll in their favorite neighborhood or having a glass of wine and relaxing home. Having some sort of activity helps to loosen couples up in front of the camera and brings context to your engagement photos. Whether it’s cooking or dining at your favorite restaurant, having a photographer capturing you as it makes for the MOST genuine images. Ask yourself: What would you like to remember about your engagement photos ten, twenty or thirty years from now? Your engagement photos will be able to tell something about the time of your life when you were living in anticipation of your Big Day.

To show you what I mean, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite shots that make up our Top 10 UNIQUE engagement photo ideas:

1. Going on a Road Trip

Road trip engagement photos with a car are so cool!

Ever get this feeling that your car is more than a mere tool to get you from point A to point B, but is actually part of your family? I feel so too, and I love it when my couples bring their ride to their engagement sessions! There are so many cool posing possibilities that you can do with your car, plus you don’t have to be limited to one particular spot as you can always drive to different photo locations.

2. Taking a Stroll in Your Neighborhood

Downtown Toronto engagement photos in Queen St West

Neighborhood engagement photos are totally romantic. They are relaxed, casual and offer a nice variety of different backdrops. If you’re an adventurous type, we can always go exploring the unknown parts of the city while snapping photos along the way. Or we can have a stroll in your favourite hood and you can show me some of your favourite spots. Either way this is guaranteed to produce unique engagement photos.

3. Cooking At Home 

At home engagement photos are so much fun!

What can be better than spending an afternoon with your bae while cooking yummy things? Whether it’s as simple as maple syrup pancakes or something more elaborate. Cooking during engagement sessions create genuine and relaxed photos. I also love the fact that it captures where you live, whether it’s your first condo or a rented apartment. It would be really fun to see these engagement photos on your twentieth or even thirtieth wedding anniversary!

4. Sharing Food in a Restaurant

Trendy restaurant engagement photos are really cool.

It’s no surprise that many couples bond over food. Who doesn’t love food? As a big foodie, I wouldn’t miss the chance to join my couples for a hot meal at a trendy restaurant to snap lots of cute pictures! I would recommend choosing a time such as the opening hour while the restaurant is not super busy. This way we can have it all to ourselves and take photos in various spots.

5. Taking Your Furry Friend for a Walk

Engagement photos with a dog can't be any more cuter!

If engagement photos with your dog are not the cutest thing on the planet I don’t know what is! My couples often ask me if it would be alright for them to bring their furry friend, my answer is always “YAY YES!” It’s cute, romantic and other than the fact that your pup might steal the show, engagement sessions with dogs are always a good idea.

6. An Evening at the Amusement Park

Amusement park engagement photos are really fun!

If you consider yourself a colorful type, amusement park engagement photos could totally be your thing! The vibrant backdrop is the perfect background for your photos and it’s going to be easy to feel romantic while riding a carousel or sharing a candy apple. I love how much color amusement parks add to your photos and how happy your face looks when you win stuffed animals for each other.

7. Bicycle Club Afternoon

Bicycle engagement photos are so cute!

A bicycle ride for two is a surefire way to set the scene for your urban engagement photos. Whether you’re exploring a new part of the city or visiting your favourite park, a pair of colourful bikes are always a welcome touch of charm and romance to your engagement photos. Bonus points if you wear something colourful too!

8. Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle engagement photos look super cool.

If you spend the majority of your time in the backseat of your boyfriend’s motorcycle and can’t imagine your wardrobe without an 80s inspired leather jacket! Then motorcycle engagement photos are right up your alley. Grit can be totally romantic especially with a rustic road behind you and it will be super cool to show your grandchildren what you were up to when you were young and free. Bonus points – it looks absolutely badass!

9. Beach Picnic with a View

Beach engagement photos are one of my all time favourites.

If your ideal Sunday consists of a slow walk on a beach with accompanying smooches by the sea, consider taking your engagement photos on a beach. Don’t forget to bring comfy blankets and enjoy a few sweet treats and each other’s company while your photographer is taking pictures around you.

10. Horse Riding on a Family Farm

Horseback riding countryside engagement photos are always beautiful.

What can be more romantic than countryside horseback riding? Horses are majestic creatures and add a touch of elegance to your family farm engagement photos. I would recommend to plan your engagement session for the late afternoon to capitalize on that magical golden light.

I hope you find these engagement photo ideas helpful! What about you? Where would you like to take your engagement photos? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!