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Top 3 Reasons Two Wedding Photographers Are Better Than OneHiring a wedding photographer? Read this first.

Here at Mango Studios, we prefer having two photographers covering your Big Day at ALL TIMES. I know it sound like a lot, however, I can assure you that our 13+ years of experience photographing weddings shows that this is THE BEST approach. Why? We have a few reasons for that, check them out below:

Rosedale Golf Club wedding in Toronto Rosedale Golf Club wedding in Toronto Rosedale Golf Club wedding in Toronto  Rosedale Golf Club wedding in Toronto

  1. Its shaped our photography style into what we’re famous for:

Our couples are drawn to MANGO’s signature style not only because of our beautiful portraits and editorial style, but of our unique approach to capturing your authentic story. We are famous for seizing those raw genuine emotions and in-between moments that otherwise go unnoticed. Over the years, we found that having two photographers perspectives is the best way to tell a well-rounded and connected story of the day.

  1. Editorial + Photojournalistic style = Awesome photos

Sometimes, images work better in pairs. That is why we have one lead photographer (aka. creative director) and one second photographer (aka. photojournalist)  on your wedding day. While the former takes on a role of an artistic director, guiding and prompting you throughout the day, the later is a ninja photojournalist who thrives at capturing the candid reactions and special moments.

Toronto wedding photographersToronto wedding photographers

For example, imagine a scenario where everyone is crowding around the bride while she’s cuddling her little dog. While the lead photographer is taking magazine-worthy editorial portraits, the second photographer is grabbing those cute close-up shots of the dog and other details that complete the story.

Alternatively, imagine a moment when a father-of-the-bride sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. The first photographer will be there to capture their emotional reaction, while the second photographer will take shots of other people in the room and their sweet reactions as well.

Toronto wedding photographers  

  1. Split coverage drastically cuts down on the amount of photojournalistic photos

We believe that great wedding photography is about telling an authentic story of the day in the most honest way possible. What was the house like when the bride was getting ready in the morning? What was the colour of the sky that day? In addition to the beautiful and airy portraits of the bride putting on her dress, we also want to show what other people were doing at that moment. What was their reaction as the father of the bride first saw his daughter in a wedding dress that day? We want to capture all of that and beyond.

While it’s important to focus on what the bride or groom are doing (putting on their outfit, rehearsing their speech, etc), we want to make sure to capture other moments taking place during the wedding day to provide a more holistic view to what’s going on.

Trinity College wedding ceremony photosTrinity College wedding ceremony photos  Trinity College wedding ceremony photos

That is why we do not recommend splitting your photographers up as you might miss out on the amount of candid coverage. There are so many sweet moments happening around you, especially during your getting ready in the morning, and we’d like to make sure that none of them go unnoticed.


We know we’ve done a good job when our couples are surprised by all the reactionary candid shots of friends and family that they didn’t even expect. Isn’t it fun to think about?

That is why two photographers work best. While the first photographer narrates the story from the bride and groom’s perspective, the second photographer activates the assertive ninja mode, and tiptoes around the space, while getting those awesome shots that complete the story.