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Questions to Ask Your Wedding PhotographerHow to find the wedding photographer of your dreams

 What are the questions to ask your wedding photographer? Find out on the blog!
What are the questions to ask your wedding photographer? You have booked the venue of your dreams, found the perfect dress and you’re now looking for the right wedding photographer to capture the essence of your best day. Finding a photographer that is right for you might feel like a daunting task as there are so many to choose from. How do you know which one is the best? It is important to ask the right questions to identify the right photographer. I have compiled a list of Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer to help you in your search. Keep in mind, while this list is a good reference you should also pay attention to the soft skills that I mentioned in
“5 Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Photographer” during your initial meeting and interview.

The Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer:

Q1. What is your photography style?

This is the most important question as it determines how your wedding day will look in photos. It is paramount to find a photographer whose style and taste is similar to yours. Every photographer has their own unique approach and style. Therefore you should be able to understand their style and envision yourself in their work. Here at Mango, we had a few couples who came to us after their wedding who were not 100% happy with their wedding photos taken by another photography studio. We were happy to help them out and recreate their couple’s photo shoot, bridal party, and family portraits! It goes without saying that you should be able to see yourself in a photographer’s work before booking with them.

Our MANGO style is famous for being natural, effortless and full of life. We are visual storytellers first and foremost. That is why you will find our work to be photojournalistic with a hint of editorial, fashion-forward style. Each image is taken with a striking balance of creativity and attention to details. We like it when our photos breathe life and tell an authentic, beautiful story of your day. We love it when moments unfold naturally and you will never see us forcing you into poses. We will guide you instead and find the best angles to make sure your wedding portraits are as flawless and effortless as your entire day.

Q2. How long have you been in the wedding industry?

It’s important that your wedding photographer is a true professional who has an extensive experience photographing weddings. They should be able to adapt to any environment and lighting situation and handle your wedding day with confidence and ease. These skills can only be accumulated through experience.

With over 12 years in the wedding industry, our all-star photographers are carefully selected and trained to stay on top of the game. They all have unique personalities but their knowledge of wedding photography and the quality of work is equally great.

What are the questions to ask your wedding photographer? Find out on the blog!

Q3. Who will be photographing my wedding?

If it is an independent photographer then the person you’re interviewing is the person who will be photographing your wedding. However, if it’s a large studio that has multiple photographers you should be able to meet them before the wedding.

We have found that working with your Mango coordinator is the best way to find the right photographer for your big day. You will be able to review the portfolios of the photographers that are available on your wedding date and our coordinator will suggest a photographer who has the best personality fit and will produce the type of photos you’re looking for.

Q4. What if something happens to my photographer? 

This is a very important question you should ask your potential wedding photographer. The ideal answer? Your photographer should have a solid backup plan in an event of an emergency. Whether it’s extra equipment or having a second photographer to step in if something happens, you should feel confident that they’ve got it covered.

When you invest in Mango Studios you get peace of mind. From the time we shoot your wedding until the time we deliver your photos, we’ve got your back. All of our photographers have backup equipment and we store all of your images on secured devices to make sure you’re memories are intact. We have 1 lead photographer available on standby every weekend to sub in an unlikely event of an emergency. We also have a full-time customers service team to help you out throughout the entire process. It’s an insurance policy others couldn’t provide.

Q5. How many photographers are included in my package?

Ideally, it’s worth having two photographers shoot your wedding in order to ensure there are no missed moments. If you’re having a large wedding with more than 50 guests then having two photographers or even three is a must.

MANGO’s signature style of coverage is dictated by two photographers being present during the day and leading up to the reception. The two photographers complement each other to tell a complete story of the day. While your first photographer captures key moments and portraits, the second photographer can focus on those sweet bridal party and parent reactions. Our second photographers are not assistants but rather well-trained master photographers who bring a unique, photojournalistic flare to your wedding photos.

Q6. Can I see a gallery of the recent weddings?

It’s very important to see the photographer’s complete body of work. It’s easy to showcase only the best photos in a portfolio or social media but seeing the quality and consistency of the entire day coverage is key.

We always send a full photo gallery of your chosen photographer so you could familiarize yourself with their work. We have searched high and low for the best talent in all the land and we are proud to show you their stunning work!

What are the questions to ask your wedding photographer? Find out on the blog!

Q7. Do you color correct all the images?

Some photographers edit only a small sample of their photos and give their clients raw photos from the event. At Mango, we recognize that what draws you to our work is the way we edit our photographs. You will receive a complete set of all the photos from your wedding day edited in a signature Mango way. We have a designated team of post-production experts who make sure that every photo you receive is as flawless as the rest of our work on the website.

Q8. Have you shot at my venue before?

Some couples feel more confident knowing their potential photographer has shot at their venue before. It is particularly important to consider the lighting conditions of the venue as well as other features like ceiling height or lots of wood wall panels throughout the reception hall. The reason is that these types of venues require special skills set to photograph. Your photographer should be a lighting expert who knows exactly how to bring the best out of your wedding venue.

With over 12 years of experience, we can say that we’ve been there and seen it all. Regardless of the venue, all of our photographers are continuously trained to ensure they know how to work in any lighting condition.

Q9. Do you shoot anything else other than weddings?

I think this is an important question to ask as you might want to know your photographer’s personal taste and style. If they are interested in fashion photography you can expect them to be good at guiding you and helping find the right poses. On the other hand, if they are big on street photography and photojournalism, you can anticipate lots of artful, documentary style photos of your wedding.

All of our photographers are active members of the local photography community and have unique photo projects outside of the wedding industry. This ensures that they bring one-of-the-kind style to your wedding photos.

Q10. What information do you need from me before the wedding?

This is so key! Your wedding photographer should have your wedding day itinerary and know every detail of your wedding day. From early morning gift exchange to a surprise music performance at your reception, this information will help your wedding photographer to stay alert and take flawless photographs. Most importantly, we also like getting to know our couples on a more personal level. What movies do you like? What places are on your travel bucket list? It allows us to take a personal approach to your wedding and engagement photos and show an authentic and beautiful story of your love.