Soho House Toronto, Momofuku, and Weslodge venue photoshoots by Mango Studios

We recently had the opportunity to do three unique venue photoshoots, designed by our friend ALX, a renowned interior designer based out of Toronto, Ontario. ALX’s work explores unique design elements to create signature pieces. His three latest pieces, Soho House Toronto, Momofuku, and Weslodge already have Toronto buzzing with hype – we couldn’t wait to shoot it. ALX creates all his pieces with careful handcrafted details to evoke the right atmosphere – it’s these details that give life and character to a place. ALX worked with The Design Agency on Momofuku and Soho House. You can see more of their work here.

We always love taking the opportunity to shoot commercial projects and do venue photoshoots because it gives us the chance to explore the wide range of talent within the team of photographers here at Mango Studios. Projects such as these also provide us with the chance to use our unique storytelling approach – whether we’re shooting venues, weddings, products or editorials, we want to find and tell the story behind every shoot. When shooting locations such as these, it’s the details which ALX creates, down to the last scratch, scuff or piece of moulding, that hold the story. As photographers, part of the fun is telling that story through these carefully crafted elements that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Check out the photos from our Soho House, Momofuku and Weslodge shoots – and to see more, check out the ALX website. Also check out Designers of Soho House & Momofuku. for More information email Like what you see? Send us an e-mail at – let’s work together!

Soho House Toronto:

Mango-Studios-Soho-House-Toronto-Shoot-Commercial-PhotographyMango-Studios-Soho-House-Toronto-Shoot-Commercial-Photographymango-studios-toronto-commercial-photography-soho-house mango-studios-toronto-commercial-photography-soho-house mango-studios-toronto-commercial-photography-soho-house mango-studios-toronto-commercial-photography-soho-house


Mango-Studios-Momofuku-Toronto-Commercial-Photography Mango-Studios-Momofuku-Toronto-Commercial-Photography Mango-Studios-Momofuku-Toronto-Commercial-Photography


Mango-Studios-Weslodge-Toronto-Commercial-Photography Mango-Studios-Weslodge-Toronto-Commercial-PhotographyMango-Studios-Weslodge-Toronto-Commercial-Photography