Unique Wedding Venue at the Guvernment

It’s been just over a year, and while so much has happened since then, we still love looking back at Talia and Daniel’s wedding at the Guvernment from last year. What a unique wedding venue, with over six hundred people, just over fifty in the bridal party alone (no joke)! If you have ever been to the Guvernment, you will look at these photos and have to think twice about whether or not we are lying that a wedding actually took place there.

Frank Rea, from Forget me Not Flowers, transformed the space into elegance! Flowers, flowers, and more flowers. Frank outdid himself on this one. Starting with the largest single rose bouquet we have ever seen, Talia was immediately floored by Frank’s signature bridal bouquet presentation (glass case and all).

We had Zuchter Berk cater the event and the guests danced the night away to Nu-Rythym with a surprise performance by Matt Dusk. Talia’s father, Danny, surprised the couple with a special performance by Matt, and he performed a set that was such a treat for everyone in the room.
But – nothing could compare to the evening’s main star, Talia. Not only did she shine, her dress was something else too. It was designed by Israeli designer Inbal Dror from White Toronto, and from the moment Talia laid eyes on this gown, she was in love.  To complement Talia’s elegant gown, Daniel was dressed head to toe in Hugo Boss by the fine folks over at Harry Rosen.

These two not only looked stunning, but they truly ARE wonderful people too. They really are the Mr. and Mrs. we all want to see get married, and just 11 months later they welcomed little Jacob Modechai, or “Peanut” as Talia calls him, into the world.

We love these two so much, and we know that as you scroll through the photos below, you’ll fall in love with Talia and Daniel, and the unique wedding venue, too :


Co-written by Angela Zaltsman of A TO Z Event Management

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Unique Wedding Venue