Miami Wedding Photography – Versace Mansion

We had the pleasure of shooting Andrea and Joey’s wedding at the Versace mansion in South Beach Miami. It was an amazing experience. Not only was the venue, the decor and catering absolutely extraordinarily fantastic but this couples energy and charisma was so inspiring. Joey and Andrea are amazing and their 120 guests that flew in from all around would agree that this was an event to remember. It was all about celebrating the unity of family and friends even during hard times. We pray for little Joey to get well soon. We still have our blue bracelets on 😉

mansion1Dress Detailshoesnoteislevowsdinnerbraceletcentere piecemansionflowersdancedad

And the party began!! What a party it was….in the words of Joey the groom it was a “rockstar love-fest” !!


Some people even decided to take a little dip in the pool….lol

swimfun 1djcake