Views From The Six: Top 10 Toronto Photography Locations Part 1

Couple kiss at Search Results Web results Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall

It’s that time of the year again! As wedding season approaches, more and more couples are looking for unique Toronto photography locations for their engagement photos. I went around the studio and asked our photographers to pick their top spots. It wasn’t hard since Toronto offers so many different and beautiful locations to shoot in. Whether you’re into a more industrial vibe or love the historic venues, there is something for everyone.

We made knowing this city’s every corner a part of our profession, so who to better advise you on some pretty awesome photography locations than the team who spends so much time looking for them? If you’re looking to take your engagement photos, or just looking for spots to snap a few Instagram pics, here are our Top 10 Views From The Six:

Engagement photo shoot at Front St in Toronto

  1. Front St.

If you’re looking for something with more of an architectural oomph, The Esplanade is definitely the way to go. With gorgeous buildings that look nothing like most of Toronto, this area provides plenty of photographic opportunities and is often overlooked. Enjoy a sun-kissed stroll among historic buildings and stop by the Fairmont Royal York for a cup of coffee if you fancy.

Features: Classy vibe, beautiful architecture, geometric lines
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid pre and post work hours

Engagement photo shoot at Osgoode Hall

  1. Osgoode Hall

Osgoode Hall is a tried and true option as far as engagement photos are concerned. The Victorian architecture makes for the perfect backdrop and the gardens get excellent sun exposure during the day, so you can skip the studio lights. Biggest bonus? It’s completely permit free!

Features: Two gorgeous buildings, beautiful garden, lots of columns and stairs
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid Saturdays as it can be busy with brides

A couple at the Scarborough Bluffs for an engagement session

  1. Scarborough Bluffs

Let’s face it, waterfront engagement photos are nothing new. Luckily, Toronto has some options that won’t have your pics looking like beach stills from a Shania Twain video. Skip Ashbridge’s Bay in favour of Scarborough Bluffs Park.

Features: The water, the lake, the beautiful landscape – need we say more?
Permit: None
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Weekdays

Bride and Groom spending an afternoon at High Park during their engagement photo shoot under a cherry blossom

  1. High Park

High Park offers endless photo opportunities on its expansive grounds. Take advantage of the of fauna and flora for some nature-infused images. If you go the right time of year and don’t mind a 6am wake up call, you may be able to get some shots under the coveted cherry blossom trees!

Features: Lots of trees, a pond, cherry blossoms if you’re lucky
Permit: Officially permission may be required
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Weekdays

Sun-kissed engagement photo shoot in downtown Toronto

  1. Church St & Wellington St

Taking your engagement pictures at this area is definitely a good idea if you’re looking for something classy, but new. Church & Wellington is a ridiculously pretty area with many great backdrops to snap photos against. With St. James Park and Lawrence Market just around the corner, you can turn your engagement photoshoot into a delightful picnic right in the heart of the city.

Features: That “Flat Iron” building, classy vibe and Toronto cityscape in the background
Permit: No
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid pre and post-work hours

Couple's engagement session walking down King West

  1. King West

What says Toronto more than King West? Many of our couples have posed in front of various street art murals which can be found in tucked away corners, and embellished archways in the Spadina and King area – and for a good reason. These pictures are what the heart of The Six is made of.

Features: All the trendy places, graffiti art and delicious ice cream spots
Permit: No
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid pre and post work hours

Colourful engagement photo shoot at Underpass Park

  1. Underpass Park

If you don’t want to take the traditional route, skip Yorkville and opt for some funky pictures at Underpass Park. You and your beloved are sure to stand out against the predominantly concrete backdrop. It’s a great option for someone who’s looking to get things more jazzed up thanks to its colourful graffiti pillars. Proceed at your own risk! You may be challenged to a street basketball game.

Features: “Cool kids” vibe, tons of graffiti, skate park and teenagers playing basketball
Permit: No
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Avoid after school hours

Romantic engagement photos at Liberty Village

  1. Liberty Village

This former quarry is the ideal place to snap photos with your loved one. The brick laden-backdrop will have you and your fiancé taking centre stage. Sharp lines and dramatic angles will definitely gather 100+ likes on your Instagram feed.

Features: All brick buildings, industrial vibe and independent coffee shops
Permit: Might be required
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: Weekdays

Romantic engagement photos at Berkeley Bicycle Club

  1. The Berkeley Bicycle Club

This spot is ideal for someone who wants to take the classic photo route. Brass chandeliers and wood carved columns add romance, while the interior looks unique enough not to be confused with Casa Loma. The building has several floors which can be all yours for a day!

Features: Brass chandeliers, wooden staircase, large windows
Permit: Comes with a rental fee
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: All yours with the rental fee

Love this moody engagement photo shoot at Old Mill Hotel in Toronto

  1. Old Mill Hotel

Old Mill Hotel is a hidden gem. You can still take pictures outside amongst the cozy garden with ivy-covered walls. You can also stay indoors if the weather is not playing in your favour. Additional bonus? It has beautiful windows, and I am a sucker for those moody silhouette photographs.

Features: Old world vibe, beautiful garden, ivy-covered walls
Permit: Free during off-season period
Best Time of Day to Avoid the Crowds: All yours with your reservation