Corporate Headshots Photography in TorontoGear your team with high-quality corporate headshots!

Corporate Headshots Photography in Toronto

Corporate Headshots Photography in Toronto  Corporate Headshots Photography in Toronto  Corporate Headshots Photography in Toronto
Corporate Headshots Photography in Toronto  Corporate Headshots Photography in Toronto  Corporate Headshots Photography in Toronto
Corporate headshots in Toronto

When it comes to corporate headshots, you want to make sure you are well prepared for your upcoming shoot in order to get the best out of your professional business portrait session. From picking the right wardrobe to hiring a professional, we have prepared a quick checklist so you could look and feel your best.

Corporate Headshots Photography Checklist: 

1.  Choose the Right Wardrobe

We always recommend wearing solid colours and stick to a 2-3 colour palette. It is especially true if you’re hiring a professional corporate headshots photographer to take portraits of your entire team. Use Pinterest to create a wardrobe mood board for your company where you can indicate the official photo shoot colours, textures and cuts. To avoid looking matchy, ask your co-workers to send you their outfit picks and curate the looks based on what they send.

If you’re having your own corporate headshots taken, make sure that you feel comfortable in your outfit. We always recommend bringing two different outfits to the shoot so you could have a nice variety of photos. As a rule of thumb, we suggest avoiding bright colours and patterns that can be distracting. We also advise staying away from bulky accessories or overly trendy statement pieces as they might look dated in a few years.

2.  Hire a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist 

While it is tempting to do your own hair and makeup to save extra money, it is always a good idea to hire a seasoned and experienced professional who will make sure you look your absolute best. The professional makeup artists can help you pick a look that will suit your personality while conveying professionalism and confidence in your corporate headshots. They also know what looks best on camera given the particular lighting conditions you’ll be taking your photos at. Be sure to do a trial run with your hair and makeup stylist before the shoot to make sure everything is perfect on the shoot day.

3.  Know Your Poses

As professional corporate headshots photographer, we have our own tried-and-true tricks to help you loosen up in front of the camera and pose in a professional, approachable and friendly way. However, it’s always a good idea to research the kind of poses you’d like to try before the shoot so you could feel more prepared and confident. We also often suggest browsing through different companies’ About Us page to see what kind of business portraits they display on their website. Doing so will give you plenty of posing ideas and will also ensure your business portraits fit your organization’s overall aesthetics and style.

4.  Trust Your Photographer

While there are a lot of things you could prepare for your corporate headshots shoot, the number one most important thing is to trust your photographer. With over 14 years of wedding, business and lifestyle photography, we have the knowledge and professionalism to help you look your best. We will gently guide you into poses that are flattering to your personality and the look you’d like to convey. We will also ensure that all the other technical attributes of the shoot, like lighting and backdrops, are taking care of so you could rest assured you’re getting the best quality business headshots that will help you land the perfect client or a job you’re looking for.