Romantic, Candle-Lit Casa Loma WeddingCheck out this candlelit fairytale wedding fit for a princess

Bride and groom wedding photos at the Four Seasons

Nolina and Parsa’s Casa Loma wedding was filled with romance and love. Take a look inside their beautiful celebration below:

bride's morning at the Four Seasons
Bride putting on her wedding dress at the Four Seasons hotel
Bride getting ready at the Four Seasons hotel
bride getting ready at the four seasons hotel
Bride getting ready photos at the Four Seasons
Our beautiful bride at the Four Seasons
First Look moments at the Four Seasons
Heartwarming First Look outside the Four Seasons
Bride's portrait outside of Four Seasons hotel   First look photos by the Four Seasons hotel
U of T wedding photos
Everyone kisses on the lips, let's pick a new spot!
Bride's portrait at Knox College
Knox College wedding photos
Persian wedding ceremony at Casa Loma
Romantic, candle-lit Casa Loma wedding
Bride and groom's first dance at their Casa Loma wedding
Dancing the night away at Casa Loma wedding!

Nolina and Parsa met 10 years ago when their mutual friends introduced them to one another. Funny fact about their relationship? Parsa complimented Nolina to his friends in Farsi not realizing that Nolina was Persian and understood the language. They ended up going to a movie together although they were not dating at that time. When I asked Nolina about their first date, she responded: “We were supposed to go out with some other friends, but they never showed up. I think Parsa made that part up so I would agree to come to the movie, so we ended up going alone. That movie date was 10 years ago, and though we weren’t dating at the time I knew then that there was a reason that I should keep our tickets and I still have them.” Does it get more romantic than that?

What stood out to me about this wedding day is the number of creative locations we went to take their wedding photos. Nolina, Parsa and I ended up roaming the city taking pictures at the Four Seasons, Knox College, King’s College Circle and Casa Loma – all in one day! I loved the fact that we managed to handle so many picturesque backdrops adding a nice variety to their wedding photos. From the modern, urban walls of the Four Seasons to U of T’s old world charm and to the glamorous, royal atmosphere at Casa Loma, these iconic photo locations are as Toronto as it can get. Managing four different photo locations for your big day requires good planning. I always recommend chatting with your wedding photographer and getting their feedback regarding timing if you’re thinking about taking your wedding photos at multiple locations. Make sure to allocate sufficient time slots for each location in order to get the best out of your wedding photos. From my experience, having at least 30 minutes at each photo spot will end up in flawless, seamless wedding portraits.

I started at the Four Seasons Hotel with Nolina while she was getting ready. There were large white balloons that filled the room, and I knew that this wedding was going to be amazing from the get go! After their touching First Look by the Four Seasons’ entrance, we headed out to our next location at Knox College.This iconic site’s beautiful architecture and the magical, cascading light, got me super inspired! The beautiful windows created a light that just added a magical feel to the space. I took advantage of the interesting architecture and looked for ways to incorporate different elements of the U of T backgrounds to add a graphic element to the images. Between the gorgeous couple and historical backdrops, you couldn’t have asked for a better combination! They headed off to the final location at Casa Loma in a sweet vintage car that just added that extra bit of glamour and class.

Nolina and Parsa wanted to have a wedding that was intimate and romantic to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in their 10-year relationship. Surrounded by close family and friends, they planned for a night full of dancing and great food to kick off married life and they sure got it!

Nolina and Parsa opted for a Persian ceremony to pay tribute to their roots. These two said their vows and looked happier than ever! The smiles were contagious and the atmosphere was filled with so much love. You could gather quite quickly how important family was to each of them. I couldn’t get over how warm and welcoming everyone was!

With large candle-lit chandeliers, energetic dancers and a popping dance floor, Nolina and Parsa danced the night away while enjoying great food and music. Everyone was on their feet, and Nolina and Parsa couldn’t have looked more excited to start their new life together.

Nolina and Parsa, thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding day. May the happiness you felt on your big day carry with you both throughout the rest of your days! Your wedding was truly one to remember.