Chic, Urban The Burroughes Building WeddingIt doesn't get better than this chic intimate city wedding!

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Chic, modern and sophisticated is what best describes this Burroughes Building wedding in Toronto. Hannah and Bryan tied the knot in a sweet and intimate wedding ceremony, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get better than this!

Before we jump into their super chic wedding reception, I’d like to tell you a few words about what made their wedding so special to my photographer heart. As a wedding photographer, I’m always on a lookout for awesome wedding photo locations and I LOVE when my couples opt for a less traditional route. It’s not a secret some people prefer to take their wedding portraits at the city’s iconic landmarks like the campus at U of T or Casa Loma, and for a good reason! These picturesque venues have so much history and character and look straight out of a fairytale against a white wedding dress or a tux. However, some couples reach out to me looking for some less obvious photo spots and I absolutely love it. Can’t decide on the wedding photo location of your dreams? My answer is: You can’t go wrong with a location that means something unique to your relationship and your story. Consider an area you strolled around on your first date or that very special spot where she/he proposed. It could be your favorite Sunday afternoon walking route or a park where you first said: “I love you.” It could be a house where you grew up or a chic, modern lounge club you spent sleepless nights at. Choosing a location that is super true to you and has a meaning for both of you will ALWAYS yield amazing wedding photos that are unique, charming, truthful and heartfelt.

Another great reason for choosing your favorite, personal photo spot is that most likely you won’t feel awkward or nervous taking photos in there. The place is going to be already familiar to you as you would know it by heart. This will put you at ease and help relax in front of the camera.

When it came to Hannah and Bryan’s wedding portraits, we decided to go for a walk around the Queen West neighborhood, which is one of my all time favorite hoods! We spotted a nice little house in one of the alleyways and we were kindly allowed to take some photos in front of it. The bright teal building and surrounding trees lend for a chic, simple backdrop with a welcome pop of ccolor We then walked over to the graffiti alley and spent some time taking bridal party photos and the wedding portraits by the trendy street art which resonated nicely with Hannah and Bryan’s cool personalities.

Hannah and Bryan opted for a pastel color palette for their ceremony and the wedding reception. Everything was planned with great taste and class. Minimal colors gave the room a fresh look, and the clear chairs opened up the space significantly. The centerpieces, with their peachy undertones, complimented the wood table signs so well, and all the decor added an additional level of class to the venue.

As we headed into the reception, the live music began to play and the dance floor was flooded with friends and family, celebrating the newlyweds. This wedding was a classic, urban celebration that I will remember for years to come! Hannah and Bryan, thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding day. I wish you all the happiness in the world on your new adventure together!