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Engagement Photo Outfits Ideas You’ll Actually Love Part 1Know exactly what to wear to nail your engagement shoot

Summer engagement photo outfits ideas

How much thought are you putting into choosing your engagement photo outfits? Here at the Studio, I often hear the question “What should I wear for my engagement session?” and my answer is always “Something you feel confident in.” Whether it’s as simple as a basic, white t-shirt and jeans (which never go out if style by the way!) or a fancy, velvet dress for her and a suit and tie for him, wearing something you feel great in is not overrated.

On top of that, it’s always a nice touch if your engagement photo outfits echo each other in a way. While couple’s matchy-matchy outfits are thing of the past, I love it when your outfits have common elements, like texture, fabric, style or colour palette. Thus, coordinating your wardrobe is one of the main elements for a successful engagement shoot.

Below are some of my favourites couples who killed it at their engagement shoot. I thought it’ll be fun to break it down by season so you could always refer to it in case you need any engagement photo outfits ideas:

Engagement photo outfits ideas in downtown Toronto


Elegant wool coats are sophistication to a T. Pair them with sky high heels for her and dress shoes for him and you have yourself a timeless, classy look. I also find that layering always looks good on camera, so go ahead and show off those layers!

Outfit ideas:
Pink wool coat + heels + pearl earrings for her;
Dark green wool coat + dress shoes + white dress shirt for him.

The bride wore a silk pastel dress for her engagement photos and it looked amazing!


An airy, neutral-toned silk dress is at once laid-back and utterly romantic, whether you pose on a rocky beach or a downtown rooftop. For effortless elegance opt for colour coordinated outfits that have the same pastel palette, like blush, light blue and light grey.

Outfit ideas:
Maxi dress in nude + minimal accessories for her;
Light blue dress shirt + jeans for him.

Black leather jacket engagement photo outfits


A combination of black leather jackets and black and white clothes communicate “cool couple” like nothing else. Cameras LOVE leather jackets and the high-contrast look of black and white always looks impossibly chic in engagement photos.

Outfit ideas:
Black leather jacket + white romper + black leather boots for her;
Black jersey jacket + Oxford shirt + white sneakers for him.

Winter engagement photo ideas in Toronto



If you’d like to kick your winter engagement photos up to the next level, a velvet dress and a tux is the way to go. The dress’ elegant texture looks great against the white snow, and a bow tie brings a level of sophistication to any photo.

Outfit ideas:

A red velvet dress + minimum accessories for her;
Well-fitted suit + white dress shirt + bow tie for him.  

As a general rule of thumb, dressing for the location and season is always a winner. Nothing looks worse in photographs than being too cold or too hot. I would also suggest wearing timeless pieces as we all know that fashion trends come and go, and what used to look ever so glam in the past might make you cringe in the future. Another great piece of advice for timeless engagement photos I received from a stylist friend of mine is to avoid wearing large pieces of jewelry like an oversized necklace as jewelry also goes in and out of style on a whim. Lastly, do not hesitate wearing something that says something about you and what you feel comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your personality shine through in your engagement photos!

I have been blessed to have incredibly stylish couples here at Mango Studios, so I never have even a hint of doubt you’re going to look amazing in your engagement photos. Part 2 of this blog post is coming soon!

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