Mango’s Guide to a Styled Engagement Session

The time I have the best opportunity to get creative with my bride and groom is during their engagement session. This is a valuable point when I ask questions like, “Where would you like to have your engagement photo shoot and what you are planning to wear?” or, “How much thought are you putting into an engagement session?” Styled engagement sessions are becoming a thing, and here is what I usually have to say about them (and to show you what I’m talking about, I’m sharing some of my favourite images from Rouzhin and Naram’s styled engagement session we did in Miami!):

As a wedding photographer, I love hearing about you and your story: how you met, what your interests are, etc. Then I picture my couples in their engagement photos and ask myself, what pieces of that story I’d like to reflect in these images? For example, Rouzhin and Naram are both into 60s fashion and all the fun that comes with it. We played with the Mad Men vibe to reflect the time and added fun props along the way!

Once your overall vision is set, it’s time to pick your details that will tie the whole session together and make it ‘styled’. These can include outfits, props and a unique location.

Rouzhin wore a 60s inspired dress in a gorgeous, light blue colour. When she told me about it I instantly thought of having the session at Miami’s Wynwood Walls. Its bright colours and geometrical patterns accentuate the dress and bring in the cool 60s poster art feel!

Then, we worked with the props. When it comes to extras, it doesn’t have to be anything overly expensive. Coca-Cola bottles and a vintage film camera found in a thrift store are pretty much all we needed to tie the whole story together. These items, although small, act as uniting elements that go throughout the engagement shoot. You can choose any other props that will help to tell a better story of who you are as a couple. Are you into fresh flowers and a bottle of fine Italian wine? Bring it on! You’ll want to make sure these pieces are all cohesive and look good together. Feel free to share your vision with us and we may be able to suggest a few fun ideas!

Lastly, I always suggest to look at the engagement session as a fun date for both of you. Take time to spoil and pamper yourself right before the shoot! An extra visit to your makeup and hair artists might be a good idea. It’s an extra expense, but it goes a LONG way. Not only will you look great in engagement photos, but it’s a good opportunity to test your bridal makeup and hair you’re planning to wear on your wedding day. Plus, after the engagement session is done, you can head over to a favourite restaurant of yours to celebrate the end of the busy day!

Investing time into a styled engagement session can make a HUGE difference. You’ll end up with state of the art photos filled with special details to grace your Save the Date cards or custom art pieces for your home. Whichever type of the styled engagement session you choose, keep your future wedding album in mind and make a choice that is both comfortable and gorgeous.

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