Wedding Photo Ideas & Tips for a BrideThese tips will help you pose like a supermodel!

Here are some wedding photo ideas for a bride guaranteed to yield amazing wedding portraits.

A bride fixing her dress right before the First Look on her wedding day at Park Hyatt TorontoA bride and groom moments after their First Look at Park Hyatt Toronto A bride and groom's First Look at Park Hyatt TorontoSmiling genuinely always looks great in wedding photos! A photo of a bride and groom at the rooftop of Park Hyatt Toronto

I know it’s not always easy to fill relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. However, there are some things you can do that will help alleviate stress. Those things are laughing, moving and having fun! I sat down with Liza, one of the wedding photographers here at the Studio, and talked about how to nail down a perfect bridal portrait.

Liza, one of our talented wedding photographers, gives some tips for awesome wedding photos in our blog. Check it out!

What do you think are the core elements of a great bridal portrait?

I believe that a great bridal portrait consists of two elements. First, it’s light. Here at Mango Studios we really pride ourselves in finding and using the best and most flattering natural light. Second, it’s the emotions and mood. If you see these two elements in a bridal portrait, I can say it’s pretty great.

How much time should brides allocate for their getting ready section in the morning?

I suggest allocating at least 1.5 hours to be safe. You never know if you’re hair and makeup takes slightly longer than expected or if the buttons on your dress prove difficult to button up in the moment. You don’t want to be stressed about being late for what’s next, so give yourself enough time to get ready for the big moment. You also want all of the important details, like your wedding invitations and shoes, to be captured in photographs, so it’s a good idea to prep them beforehand. Allocate some time for a some shots with your bridesmaids and family, and the most important, for your own portraits.

How should brides prepare for their bridal portrait section?

Your smile and a great attitude are so key! You can usually read the excitement in a bride’s eyes, and sometimes it’s all you need for a great portrait (plus the light). But first of all, please make sure that the room is tidy. It’s VERY important. Background matters a lot. Make sure you have your bouquet ready along with all your details. And a veil! Oh, I love veils. You can get amazing shots using a veil as a prop during bridal portraits. So if you have one, you might want to put it on for some portraits.

Do you have any tips for a bride that feels uncomfortable in front of the lens?

A lot of people feel awkward in front of the camera and so do I! My go to tip is to ask everyone in the room to step out for a minute so the bride can take a few pictures in some much cherished privacy. From my experience, a bride feels so much more comfortable when it’s just her and a photographer. When there’s no one watching, you can breathe out for a few moments before the day unfolds.

Are there any techniques you use during the wedding day to help loosen up?

I recommend my brides pop some champagne with the bridesmaids in the morning! Just stop thinking about the cameras all the time. Embrace the moment! The more relaxed you are, the better. Hiring a planner might be a very good idea for exactly this reason.

Please give a breakdown of 5 quick, practical bridal poses tips our brides can use during their wedding portraits:

  1. Angle your body. Turn your body 45 degrees to the camera as it’s always a more flattering angle than dead on.
  2. Smile. But not just with your mouth, I love it when our brides smile with their eyes! At the same time, however, keep in mind you don’t have to smile all the time. Smile when it comes naturally and you’ll see a big difference in your wedding photos.
  3. Move. Moving in your wedding pictures is one of the most important things. I always tell my brides to move and change their pose with every shutter click. It’s not only a lot of fun, it also results in a variety of very natural looking poses!
  4. Try to forget about the cameras. I know it sounds easier than in real life, but forgetting about having cameras pointing at you all day is what helps take all of those happy bridal photos you see in magazines and our website! One of the things that helps to let go is focusing on your partner. Look at each other in the eyes and interact with each other – you’ll end up with so many great, natural wedding poses once you do!
  5. Have fun! Be you, enjoy the moment and laugh out loud whenever you feel like it! If you want your wedding pictures to capture the essence of your day, and not look posed, laughing is always a good idea. I guarantee you’ll have the best candid portraits ever.

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