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So many of our couples ask me if they should have a theme for their outdoor engagement photos. I always tell them that it’s such a special set of photos before the wedding. Tying in a theme can make it a really memorable set of images. In general, I like to think of them as a practice session for your creative portraits together on the wedding day. They help to make you comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. They also give you a good excuse to indulge in dressing up and having some fun together! That’s why I love this Old Hollywood Inspired Engagement Session with Alicia and Phil. It ties in all my favourite parts of an engagement session – a great story, a beautiful theme, and amazing clothes. To help the rest of my couples make the most out of their outdoor engagement photos, I’ve come up with three tips to keep in mind when you’re planning.

1. Tell me YOUR story

Are you ready for some backstory on this amazing couple and their Old Hollywood inspired engagement session? Alicia and Phil have known each other for 8 years. They were introduced to one another by a friend who had hoped they’d all just become good friends. Little did they know their friendship would blossom year after year. After many many deep conversations together about friendships, spirituality, careers and life, they soon realized that they had fallen in love! We’re so happy they did! Knowing these details helped up get to know them quicker and made the whole experience really comfortable.

2. Incorporate your wedding theme

It’s easy to see how in-love this couple is from their Old Hollywood inspired outdoor engagement photos below. The love the classic Hollywood look and chose that for their wedding day. Naturally it was a good tie in to carry through the engagement session. When they have both sets of images in their wedding album, everything will flow super nicely.

The idea behind their choice in location stemmed from wanting a spot that was a little out of the ordinary.  Alicia and Phil both agreed that the perfect spot needed to hold some meaning for them. As a sentimental couple, they thought it best to say something about their relationship. Looking back years from now, they imagined reflecting on how far they’ve come together. A few days later, they were driving through their hometown of Caledon, they came upon these railroad tracks. The tracks would symbolize their new journey and the possibilities it brings with them. They finished off the vision with a sleek, black GTO.

3. Dress to Impress

The clothes you wear on your engagement session are so key. I always encourage couple’s to dress up. There’s nothing worse than regretting not putting your best foot forward when you’re having professional photos taken. Alicia and Phil’s clothing added an urban twist that will carry through on the wedding day. Accessories wise, I love Alicia’s white floral headpiece and Phil’s sharp fedora. The elegance and personal touches make these photos truly stunning.

A word from Alicia, the Bride, about her Old Hollywood Inspired Engagement Session:

“When it came to decide who would photograph this memory, there was no doubt in our mind that we would ask Mango Studios. Because I am an event planner, I have been following their work for some time now, and have always appreciated their natural efforts in capturing memories. On the day of the shoot, they were nothing short of what we expected. Our photographer, Tyler, had an amazing personality, and as we pre-warned him we were camera shy, he knew exactly what jokes to make to take us out of our comfort zone.”

I can’t wait for more Old Hollywood inspired fun with Alicia and Phil. Next up: their wedding at Toronto’s The Factory Lounge! xo

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