Playful Evergreen Brickworks Engagement Session

What better way to declare your love than with a Big Love Ball and an engagement session at the Evergreen Brickworks?Big Love Ball is a giant love note with a heart, a brain and social conscience.  We had such a lovely shoot with Jenn and Alex and their big ball of love during this bright and playful Evergreen Brickworks engagement session. We started off on a high note as the couple’s giant love token inspired an awesome sense of fun! Jenn and Alex brought the Big Love Ball all over the place, even sending it rolling down a hill with them running away laughing. In keeping with their theme of unique props, Jenn wore a beautiful tulle skirt and brought out her ballet shoes!  I love it when couple’s bring props to their engagement session.  I always encourage couple to bring props that help tell the story of their relationship, what they enjoy or activities they regularly do together.  So weather that’s playing a guitar, ice skating or riding bike props give you something to play with during the session and make the images more relaxed.  Imagine looking back at your engagement photos after 50 years of marriage.

Prop ideas for your engagement session:

-Sporting wear: skating, bikes, workout clothes ( something you and your fiancé do regularly

-Games/ recreation: cards, scrabble, books, picnic, blankets etc. (What do you do on a Sunday afternoon together?)

-Props to do with your career: typewriter, musical instrument, ballet shoes

Every prop should help tell the story of your relationship.  I encourage our couple’s to stay away form cliché signs and moustaches that may seem trendy now but won’t mean much after 10 years of being married.

Thanks so much for playing and dancing away the day with us Jenn and Alex. We are so excited for your upcoming big day!

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