How to Master an Effortless Pose for Your Wedding Pictures

The fact is most us feel awkward about having our pictures taken. Where do I put my hands, where do I look, how should I stand? I don’t know what to do! These are things that I often hear from my couples during their portrait session (Funny, but I, too, feel pretty strange when someone takes a picture of me!) And you know what, that’s alright. We’re not used to being in front of a camera for hours at a time. Sure, an occasional good-looking selfie here and there is fun, but what about your wedding pictures where you absolutely have to look great regardless of weather conditions and strict timelines?

As in any situation, I have tried-and-true tricks in my tool kit to get you looking your best, especially on your wedding day. One of the basic tricks to looking great in any pictures is giving your body a shape. This can be achieved by slightly lifting one of your shoulders, by putting one of your legs forward, or allowing all of your weight to fall on only one leg with a slight bend in the other. The former is especially true when taking pictures with your back turned to a photographer. It gives a flattering “S” curve to your whole shape and adds instant elegance to the look. Bringing one leg forward is great when taking front full-length portraits. The same is true for grooms. Bring your weight to one foot and slightly bend your other leg in knees. Put your hands in pockets and DANG! You look like a pro.

Every couple’s dynamic is different and I love when the pictures show this off and it comes out naturally. That is why you will see me gently modifying your natural stance as opposed to full on directing. The greatest thing for me is to see your personality shine through. Allow yourself to live in the moment, after all it is your wedding day. Bask in the happiness and excitement of your day and try to forget about the camera. I strive to capture beautiful wedding imagery full of intimacy and raw emotions. Therefore, I opt to guide my couples while staying true to their unique nuances. There are endless ways to capture excitement, energy and joy that comes with the wedding day, and my role is to capture them ever so truthfully. Even when you pose.

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