An Elegant Dinner Party at Mango Studios

The wedding industry is constantly busy, always changing and requires quite the team effort to pull off all the fabulous events you see in blogs and publications.  So, this past month we wanted to honour these kings and queens of the wedding industry and put together the first in a series of exclusive dinner parties.  The night was buzzing, and we enjoyed spirited conversation about topics like the impact of Pinterest and social media on our industry with the influencers like Melissa Haggerty of Spectacular Spectacular, Veronica and Ines Di Santo, Allyson and Sarah of Bobbette & Belle, and Fiona Liston of Stemz.  It was also a great time to connect with many of the top venue heads, and we had representation from some of the most amazing event spaces in Toronto, including The Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Royal Ontario Museum, Ritz Carlton, and Oliver & Bonacini.  In fact, we’re thrilled to have Samira from the Ritz Carlton as one of our very own brides this year!  We’re already starting to plan our next event, and can’t wait to collaborate with other inspiring, innovative, and world-class industry pros.

The execution of the dinner party was just as seamless as you would find on any given wedding weekend.  All the beautiful decor and floral arrangements came courtesy of Stemz – and boy did it look good!  They surprised us all with the rarest bunch of peonies, lining the table from the fairest pink to the richest of reds.  Stemz’ floral arrangements are just works of art  – simple, elegant, and beautiful.  We wanted the decor to reflect the new summer season, and we had our in-house design team (yes, we do much more than just photography!) create all the custom stationary and work with Fiona to streamline the decor for the evening.  Here at Mango, we’re widely known for our photography work, but that’s just one piece of the pie.  We also have teams dedicated to video, design, and printing!  The Food Dudes were the culinary champions of the night, and our palettes were doing jumping jacks with the summer feast they prepared.

Check out the night below – and in true Mango fashion, our team was there to document the event with our photo-journalistic flare. Thanks to all who attended!  We appreciate everything you do, and wish you a happy wedding season 🙂



Mango-Dinner-Party_Title Mango-Dinner-Party_002 Mango-Dinner-Party_003Mango-Dinner-Party-Menu-4Our Mango team designed all the custom stationary for the event!

Mango-Dinner-Party_037Contemporary Furniture Rentals graced us with these amazing chairs.

Mango-Dinner-Party_005 Mango-Dinner-Party_006 Mango-Dinner-Party_038 Mango-Dinner-Party_008 Mango-Dinner-Party_009 Mango-Dinner-Party_010Mango-Dinner-Party_011 Mango-Dinner-Party_012 Mango-Dinner-Party_013

The St. Royals provided all the ambiance for the evening. Allyson and Sarah from Bobbette and Belle enjoying conversation.

Mango-Dinner-Party_014 Mango-Dinner-Party_015Mango-Dinner-Party_016 Mango-Dinner-Party_017

Joey Gideon (Jackie Gideon Makeup), Joyce Liu and David Robitaille (Shangri-La).

Mango-Dinner-Party_039 Mango-Dinner-Party_019Mango-Dinner-Party_040 Mango-Dinner-Party_021 Mango-Dinner-Party_022

Tyler (Mango Studios) giving thanks to everyone who came out.

Mango-Dinner-Party_023 Mango-Dinner-Party_024 Mango-Dinner-Party_025 Mango-Dinner-Party_026 Mango-Dinner-Party_027 Mango-Dinner-Party_028

Deborah Gee (Oliver and Bonacini), Melissa (Mango Studios), Cynthia Martyn (Cynthia Martyn Events).

Mango-Dinner-Party_029 Mango-Dinner-Party_030 Mango-Dinner-Party_031 Mango-Dinner-Party_032 Mango-Dinner-Party_033 Mango-Dinner-Party_034 Mango-Dinner-Party_035Karen Jacobs, Fiona Liston (Stemz). Mango-Dinner-Party_036Thanks to North Cinematic for helping the Mango Studios team document the night! Special thanks to: Chair-Man Mills Leave It to Us Around the Table Contemporary Furniture Rentals North Cinematic