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It’s #MangoMonday and I thought it would be great if I introduced us, Toronto’s wedding photographers, and our studio! The Mango Family has grown tremendously over the years, and it wouldn’t be possible without you, our beautiful couples, our tight-knit team of photographers and artists, and the hard work and passion that we pour into our studio. Our photographers wear many hats, doing everything under the sun including wedding photography, post-production, designing jaw-dropping wedding albums, meeting clients and making reveal slideshows. We like to think of our team as THE studio. There is no separation between “me” and “us” so I thought doing an interview as the studio would be fun!

Recently we’ve been approached by Kimberfire, creators of Toronto’s most stunning engagement rings and diamond jewellry to answer some interview questions for their blog. We photographed their CEO Jonathan Goldberg’s wedding last year and we were happy to share a little more about what we do. Today I thought, why not I give it to you to read? I also included some facts about Mango Studios you might have not known yet 🙂

Give us a brief overview of Mango Studios?

Our goal is to produce beautiful and timeless photography for our clients. We aim to do this through a collaborative effort of creative artists and individuals who band together to leverage their own unique abilities to create better work together.

At Mango, we believe in teamwork, supporting and encouraging new ideas, and striving to be and do better every day. We all come from different backgrounds and have our own unique set of skills and creative frameworks. Together, we share an enormous wealth of knowledge and passion for photography. We are curators and creators of the most beautiful, timeless images. We are there to capture the most special moments in your life so you can cherish those photos forever. We have photographers who specialize in all areas of photography – from portrait and event photographers to interior and product photographers. We also offer a wide range of in-house design and custom framing services!

How did Mango Studios get started, and how long have you been in business?

It’s one of our favourite love stories really! Our founders, Mo and Nancy, first met in 2004 and have been inseparable ever since. Pairing Nancy’s visual talent with Mo’s business acumen, they decided to conquer the world together. They wrote down the letters of their own names and realized Mo And Nancy GOvindji shaped MANGO, and the rest is history. Mango has been capturing weddings and events for over 12 years!

How did previous education and/or work experience help shape the Mango Family?

The entire team has a diverse background in both education and work experience. We look for special people with passion for the arts, who love people, and remain calm under pressure – all attributes necessary to shoot a busy wedding day. There is a degree of healthy competitiveness to the team, and, as iron sharpens iron, every team member strives to do better in every shoot. We take turns designing with each-others’ images and reviewing shoots so that feedback can be circulated, and the quality Mango is known for can be achieved. What’s most important is that every member of our team is highly trained in-house. As a team, we believe in growing together and toward the best creative style to suit our couples’ needs.

How would you describe the Mango photography style?

Like any creative field, photography is always evolving. We believe a strong relationship between photography and design is the foundation to creating incredible images. This plays a huge part in our photographic style. We accomplish our unique approach of storytelling through this fundamental stage of getting to know you and your unique story. We focus on capturing every detail of your wedding day or event, while being sure to get candid moments and memories that will last forever. Trends come and go but what we’re after is a classic, timeless approach to creating images to withstand those passing trends, and that is how we groom our team.

What tips can you give to a couple who is looking for a wedding photographer?

We have been photographing wedding for over 12 years, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Hiring your wedding photographer is a big decision and it’s important to do your research and make sure you can trust your photographer, and be confident and excited about the photos they take. Some important tips are:

  • Find out what happens in case of an emergency and the photographer is no longer available for your day. What we offer is a peace of mind. Our photographers are fully insured and we have back-up photographers on stand by in case of any emergencies. There are no what if’s, coulda’s or shoulda’s!
  • Look at a couple of COMPLETE weddings to really get a sense of the work, not just a few photos of their best work. It’s very important as it’s easy for a photographer to display only their best shots. During consultations we show our couples a complete set of photographs from any wedding they request. You will find that our quality is consistent throughout and has this signature Mango look regardless of who shot it.
  • Find out how long have they been in business, and if you know any friends/family/other vendors that have used them. There are plenty of novice part-time photographers that may be in business one year and not the next.

What’s your process when shooting destination weddings?

Our team loves to travel, and each destination wedding brings with it a new and exciting experience. In terms of locations, we love travelling to new (to us) spots like the mountainsides of Florence, or the Island of Anguilla. We’re happy to say there are some locations now that are becoming old favourites like the One and Only Club in the Bahamas, or the Four Seasons in Hampshire, England. Like any local wedding, every destination wedding is unique and we treat the process of shooting it as such. We do our best to ensure lots of scouting online and in-person before the event day. One of the most important things when visiting a new country is to familiarize yourself with the light there. It can look wildly different from one country to the next and, as a photographer, understanding light is everything.

How do you help the couple and their wedding party feel comfortable in front of a camera?

We totally realize that not everyone feels comfortable and confident being photographed, and that is completely normal. Our job is to make sure that we capture your event perfectly, that your photos turn out amazing and that you have some fun along the way. Doing engagement photos is such a great way for the bride and groom to not only feel comfortable being photographed, but to also really get to know their photographer. We aren’t there to make you look posed, but more so to prompt you so we can get those perfect shots.

How do you decide which team member works on which wedding?

Mango has a consistent photographic style across the board. Our in-house event coordinators meet with our couples to learn more about the details of their big day. Once we get to know our couple, the venue, and all the details of the day, we pair them with the photographer that we believe best suits the couple as well as the overall vibe of the wedding.

Bernie is a social media super star of your Instagram account. Please tell me more about Bernie the Boston Terrier, your social director:

Bernie is a lover! If he could greet everyone who came through our doors with kisses, he would. He definitely likes to make his presence known around the studio, especially during lunch time when he can be a little nosey. As our social director, he keeps us sane during our busiest times and shows the whole team love after a long day. His likes: ping pong balls, balloons and bean bag chair naps. His dislikes: measuring tape and knit sweaters.

What is the most challenging aspect of working in the wedding photography business?

Truthfully, it’s the work/life balance. Weddings and events can take up most of our Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the busy months of May to October, and that can be a challenge for some. Our team is dedicated to providing our best work with the quickest turnaround times possible, so we’re also hustling Monday to Friday to deliver amazing images to our couples. We foster an environment that’s fun for our team with lots of amazing moments spent together on a regular basis.

What sets Mango Studios apart from the competition?

We’re storytellers first and foremost. Our approach is driven by each couple’s unique story, who they are, and their personal tastes and design interests. It’s driven by what music they listen to, where they eat and the places they travel. Each story is unique, and our approach is timeless and cool with a distinctly cinematic style. As a small boutique of photographers and designers, we treat each member of our team as well as each of our clients like family. From the moment you step into our studio, you will be greeted by a dedicated event coordinator who will walk you through the entire wedding photography process. We want to create an inviting atmosphere and take photos that truly capture our couples as the individuals they are.

Having been a part of so many weddings, what advice can you give to a couple to get the most out of their big day?

It’s going to be the most exciting day of your life, so savour and cherish every moment. Don’t sweat the small stuff; things most likely won’t go as perfectly planned but don’t get bothered by it. It’s going to be a very busy day, but do your best to spend some quality time together as husband and wife if you can. Take a few moments to stop, take a deep breath, and remember how special it is that every person in the room is there to celebrate you and your love!

MANGO Studios by the Numbers:

12 Years in Wedding Photography
3,500+ Happy Clients
1500+ Cookies Served Per Year
464 Minutes of Bonobo Per Day, Every Day
5 Dogs Owned by Mango Family Members
27,900 Liters of Coffee Consumed
1800+ Sushi Rolls Per Year
16 Ping Pong Balls Popped by Bernie

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