Inside Mango Studios – Toronto Wedding Photographers

A hip and talented team of Toronto wedding photographers at Mango Studios

It’s #MangoMonday and I thought it would be great if I introduced us, Toronto’s wedding photographers, and our studio! The Mango Family has grown tremendously over the years, and it wouldn’t be possible without you, our beautiful couples, our tight-knit team of photographers and artists, and the hard work and passion that we pour into our studio. Our photographers wear many hats, doing everything under the sun including wedding photography, post-production, designing jaw-dropping wedding albums, meeting clients and making reveal slideshows. We like to think of our team as THE studio. There is no separation between “me” and “us” so I thought doing an interview as the studio would be fun!

Recently we’ve been approached by Kimberfire, creators of Toronto’s most stunning engagement rings and diamond jewellry to answer some interview questions for their blog. We photographed their CEO Jonathan Goldberg’s wedding last year and we were happy to share a little more about what we do. Check out our answers on their blog!

MANGO Studios by the Numbers:

12 Years in Wedding Photography
3,500+ Happy Clients
1500+ Cookies Served Per Year
464 Minutes of Bonobo Per Day, Every Day
5 Dogs Owned by Mango Family Members
27,900 Liters of Coffee Consumed
1800+ Sushi Rolls Per Year
16 Ping Pong Balls Popped by Bernie

We are the creators of stunning wedding photo albums Mango Studios is a ful service boutique studio that offers complete wedding photography experience Mango Studios is an award wedding wedding photography studio in Toronto Mango Studios is an award winning team of Toronto wedding photographers Mango Studios is located at 9 Favies Ave in Toronto Bernie the Boston Terrier is a social manager at Mango Studios, Toronto wedding photography boutique Mango Studios is a full-service wedding photography boutique Mango Studios is a team of Toronto wedding photographers with over 12 years of experienceOur studios features a 10 feet Kiss Wall made of photos of our beloved couplesMango Studios wedding photographers going through the wedding images from the weekend Here at Mango Studios we are never get tired of getting excited from beautiful wedding photos